Mal. Person .com prize haul

This is My king is he yours we are living in the end times are you ready to go when he comes back

Business Attire that i order from Fashion Bug

Yes Business attire is so important and since  am starting a Internship  that i need for my degree and state license i felt it was important to pick me up some cute piece let me share with you whats in my shopping bag


So If you don't know MakeupByMel and MalPerson teamed up to do a 30 day give away ! Well the other day was the last day so i entered a few times not really thinking anything and i get a huge  surprise of a life time !  watch this video !

am very humbled and thankful   She has awesome give away all the time so get check her out and her blog  CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO CHECK THEM OUT



Summer Time almost over

I cant say that am not going to miss it because am more excited for fall and winter now  I took the summer off from school didn't feel the need to take classes i just needed a break from it all i kinda wish i would have went to summer school just to keep myself busy . I have had lots of fun this summer i cried laugh and have got in touch with  lots of emotions and grew from many lessons  in life there is always more to be reveled . Am okay with the changes i have made  they were hard  but needed to be done . Letting go of toxic people in your life is hard because you love them but over all they are not healthy for you and do nothing for your own growth .  I have totally neglected my blog this summer but going threw things has kept my focus off all the fashion relative stuff lol  I think am okay now and should be back to blogging soon ;)

Whats in my shoppng Bag Faith 21

So yes I went online to check out some of the stuff from Faith 21 and I couldn't help but pick up a couple goodies  here is  what I got ALL in Size 3X . The  light weight sweater with the bow is just so adorable ;) Am really into  feminine stuff like that !  stay tuned for my plus size picks for  career! wear I have to do some shopping for my Business attire !