New year has really been filled with blessings

It's almost march wow!!!!
Seems like we were just in january . None the less I had to come on and share how great my new year has kicked off ! I'm happy in my job just bought a new car feel like I'm learning more about myself and lots of self improvement as far as personal growth I'm just in a wonderful place. I've join the iPad world which makes blogging a whole lot more fun and convenient . Blogging is my happy place and I let myself disconnect from it. In fact I let myself disconnect from lots of things one of the many things I am working on in my life. Letting the fears go taking out the garbage and replacing it with risk taking and building interpersonal connections. I have some what of a anti social thinking were letting people in my life has been a struggle . I'm hoping to change that :)
Well I just wanted to say a few words and ramble ....