My Opinion on the Whole"" Fat Hatting"" Marie Claire Blogger

Here s the link f you would Like to read this whole Article

Thanks to face book I was aware of this article And many blogger's have spoken up about it but I feel I want to share my part too. Being am A ""FATTIEE"" A happy one too I think this Article is sad and just goes to show how much ignorance there is in this world and what disregard there is for another Human s Key WORD HERE HUMAN  the same blood runs through my Veins as it does the next  person. Am i personally offended  by this not the least why ??? Because once you get Immune to the worlds opinions of how they view the larger population . It doesn't Bother you anymore I hurt for this person because  this person struggles themselves from a eating disorder ( Not Making it right for them too be so rude and hurtful) But they have self esteem issue and probably are not a real happy person. . Which mean their projection of there self worth shows on there insensitive  writing!  Deep down this person lacks something This Fattie has ((love)) and complete surrender to ones self.  it does piss me off that with all the social bullying that they would have let this be published   it happens with the teens who were outed for being gay. Who is to say that someone reading this magazine who is struggle with weight issues wont make them feel any better maybe in some attempt to commit suicide all because of some ones  words I know when i was a kid man  words hurt me more than anything. And even as a adult they hurt me but I have a balance with what I choose to receive. This was because the work I did in Therapy and the behavior modification i did in my own life too better myself as a person . But then again not every body is were am at as a person and that is what sadness me the most . If you are reading this blog and have problems with your weight and struggle from low self esteem i leave you with this little saying that I live by and has helped me  when dealing with people !

Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality,  When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.
So  when I hear IGNORANT SHIT like this I let it bounce off of me because you don't have too own that reality if you don't want to  i don't receive that crap that was written . DONT RECEIVE IT ETHER  ITS ALWAYS GOOD TO EXPRESS FEELING BUT AFTER THAT LET IT GO DONT HOLD ON TOO THE IGNORANCE OF THE WORLD BECAUSE IT WILL DESTROY YOUR SOUL IF YOU LET IT   

Just a Cute cozy winter outfit

I know we still have a like a month in a half until we officially hit winter October is almost over and we will soon be into it so I decided to post  some winter looks and the way LA weather has been  you just cant tell how the hell to dress I really love sweaters boots and cute fun scarfs and big coats
Sweaters never go out of style so i enjoy bring my old ones out from last year and of course some new ones i recently bought from JC Pennys ;) My grandmothers has a jc pennys card and she always spoils me with  allowing me to splurge now and them ;)

My Story Not so much then but all about NOW

Hey well i can sit here and dwell and have a pity party about my past and being a big girl but all that doesn't even matter because the point is were am at today as a person ! You know in life you have stages of growth I think I have embarked on one of those stages of complete utter surrender and self acceptance.  The plus size community here on blogger and You tube has played a part in that. I have learned to fully accept my body a couple months back  I still wanted to loose weight but wanting and doing it is just 2 different things . Don't get me wrong am living a healthier lifestyle but am going to keep it real am not very active in the gym department. So until I feel the urge too get my fat ass to one am okay with being crystal.  We in life all need people to keep inspiring us  I mean we have to do the foot work but we need somewhere to get inspiration. I do my thing her on Blog and on You tube and I help inspire other women which is a blessing .But as much as you give it you also need it for yourself. Am just fully ok with who IAM ;) Now onto another subject about my love life I don't really have one . I guess this is were I fall weak and my walls are up full forced  Although I would love to have a partner I just don't want to settle I say prayers all the time and I know that Its all in gods timing but I cant expect him to fall from the sky when i go out I do have fun with my friends but i try to stay away from guys I don't no why the hell i do this its totally weird i almost sometimes feel as though i would not no what to say and that is totally out of character for me because am a pretty blunt and open person I really have no idea were am going with this .Maybe i need to do dome more soul searching And maybe be a little bit more open minded when it comes too the love department. And maybe get rid of the list I made of what am looking for  because i doubt that  I will find everything am looking for on that list I am a little picky lol  ok so thats enough of my blabber

Whats in my shoppng Bag Faith 21

These are some of the cute pieces that are in my shopping bag I love Faith 21 better know as forever21+


So  as some of you know about it or have heard about full figured fashion week  a couple months ago i saw it  on face book and wanted to go but with money being tight I thought to myself well maybe next year   A couple of days ago I found a site called Kurvee on facebook and that they were having a event in downtown la in March  and  I  became a fan of there page well to my surprise  They were given out tickets  and i just entered and sure enough I won them what a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful event  am humbled and so exited that I will be able to be a part of this event ;) So if any of you are  in the LA Are Kurvee will be having a Event  in March @ the California Mart in Downton LA with swag bag and tickets are very affordable  Click KURVEE  And become a fan of there Facebook page

Faith 21 Turns into Forever21+ sizes

Well Yesterday I went to faith 21 to look around i visit that web site often  and i saw this  am a bit confused on the whole thing. I do know that i was talking to my local sales person @ forever 21 and she was telling me what a high demand they have for the plus size line and how well it does  so maybe there expanding it ..    I will be heading over to my Forever 21 soon I love the one i go too . So I will update this post when i speak with my friend who works there and get the 411 on this