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Friday, July 18, 2014

❤ oNecklace Review ❤

The team at oNecklace kindly offered me a necklace of my choice to review.  With so many options I was stumped with choosing one, I seriously wanted them all. Nevertheless I opted for the 24k Gold Plated Monogram Necklace

I've had this necklace since December of last year and I really have to say that for this necklace being gold plated it has really lived passed my expectations. It hasn't’ tarnished or become dull, like most gold platted items I have previously own. I love it and have my eye on another necklace that I will be purchasing soon.

Pro’s – Good Quality, Fast shipping, variety of choices that do include full gold items. Easy site navigation.  Affordable.

Cons- Unfortunately don’t wear this necklace in the shower or in water, although made of good quality because it is gold plated it may tarnish, keeping it out of water preserves the life of the necklace.
Again thank you Onecklace for a pleasant experience.

I have something special to share with you.
A Wonderful 10 % off coupon should you be interested in picking up your own
Make sure to enter FASHION when you check out.
I will see you soon

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

❤Dress of the week I can Zig it ❤

It’s that time again. Dress of the week.  This week’s dress is  from ModCloth. Yes I know I have an obsession with that site, and after that awesome 50% sale I have tons of cuteness to share.

This Dress is the I Can Zig it Dress. I went with my gut and went for a size 2x which fit perfectly. Right now I am a 43 -41- 46. I have absolutely no cons about this dress. It is every thing I wanted it to be. I stand 5’6 so the length hit me just above my knees. I wore this to work so I wore it with a blazer to give it an office look. I think I pulled it of well. I love that I can  bring my own style to the work place. I am defiantly not fit for a uniform job it would bore me to pieces.

The good news is this dress is still on sale! One thing about the sale item you literally have to get them why they are hot because you can blink your eye and that dress you been eyeballing is gone. It’s happened way too often

A Successful online shopping spurge is when 1) its on sale and 2) its in my size.

I have even better news. Here is a $20 gift credit for your next MODCLOTH purchase   ❤CLICK HERE❤ 

I like to share the love  and if your anything like me saving a few bucks makes my shopping experience a happy one.

Okay Cutie pies I will see you next week for the dress of the week


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

❤Dress of the week❤

Finally! My Modcloth goodies came in the mail. Actually I have had them for about 2 weeks but have been bombarded with work leaving me little time to snap an outfit post. I actually also have placed (2) other orders because of modcloths awesome 50% off sale.

So look out for my weekly Post featuring The Dress of the Week.

This Week dress is the Migrate Expectations Dress


Love Love the cute flamingo print very roomy and just adorable and its on sale right now. I really should have sized down but since I am in-between sizes right now I went with a 2x and should have gotten a 1x oh well still adorable I am between a 16 and 18 depending on fabric, and cut. Never the less I will probably post it up for sale as soon as I finish up my store website of stuff right out of my closet. So keep an eye out for that. 


Pros- Cute Fabric, not clingy to the body ,  Stretchy, great Colors, Great Lenght.

Cons- Runs Large so size down. A little big with the straps and Bust. 

Overall Verdict- I love the dress if I would have sized down it would have been perfect. The sash gives the dress no life, so add your own belt  it will bring the outfit together 

 Take advantages of the 50% OFF sale and even Better 
here is $20 to spend on your first order I love to share the love 

See you Next week for the Dress of The Week.. 


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Dress Showdown .

My Fav Summer Dresses
Summer has finally arrived. Well it’s been a few weeks, however I think it’s just sinking in and the hot sunny California weather has sure awoken up my spirits. 

So with summer comes the notion of being carefree, alive and dressing to try and stay cool. I know that’s my idea.  My idea of dressing cool is you guessed it, summer dresses and cute sandals. Yes. I love dresses all year round who am I kidding but something about summer and the cute prints makes me extra happy.  

Now if you haven’t gotten your summer essentials ready what are you waiting for?  I know I know shorts and tank tops are easier, but ever girl needs to have a few new summer dresses in her closet.

 I’ve put together a summer mood board from some of my favorite places to shop. Here are some really affordable dresses that have lots of personality. 

Looking for some cute affordable  dress you need to take a look at some of the options that our out there. I took some looks from my favorite places to shop 

Some times going into a store can get overwhelming, that's why I like to browse the sites and create mood boards this helps me narrow down what I am going to buy on my shopping trip or buy online.
What are your go to  summer essentials?? Tell me down below.

Stay tune for my next post  "Battle of the Sunscreens" !


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chevron Prints Obsessed and weight loss update

Hey Guys!

Thank you again for stopping by and taking the time out to catch up with me. So let’s get the Weight Loss Update out of the way. Things are going good since last update I am down 36 pounds I have been averaging 1 pound a week. This is fine by me I would rather have the weight come off slow and steady than rapid.   I continue with my gym routine and have to admit, its been challenging dragging my butt there the last 2 weeks due to me being under a high volume of stress at work due to us being short staffed and my grandmother’s constant Drs appointments. She is having cataract surgery soon, has made me not want to even step foot in a gym. The last thing I want at the end of the day is my bed. Never the less I have been going twice a week not 3 times but I am back on it. I look at it like this I am going and it could be worst me not going at all. My June goal is to get rid of my Excuse Bag. We all have one and they can hinder us if we allow them to dominate us.   So things are good and I’m good. 

Now on to my outfit nothing fancy I am trying to really wear things in my closet as much as I can. Things are already not fitting me. I am a size 16/18 right now I was a 22. However I do have something’s that I can pull off and some stuff that is just down right huge.  I am finding all kinds of things tucked away in my closet that I had forgotten about like this adorable Chevron dress. Don’t you just love to shop in your closet and re- discover stuff that you forgot you had. That is so me right now and I am loving it. 

Out fit Details 
Chevron Dress is From MOD CLOTH  (Not on the website anymore) 

Blazer from WETSEAL
Belt is from another dress and shoes are from 

I will catch up with you soon 


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Uniquely You Via Modcloth

Work Week Fun
Hey! I am extremely excited to share today’s ModCloth Uniquely You Style Challenge post. Being a huge fan of ModCloth  I was truly ecstatic when asked to participate in this weeks style challenge. Along with several other bloggers we were contacted to create a style board via Polyvore to participate in this weeks challenge creating a look around the Vivacious and Vibrant Dress in Noir. that comes in various sizes all the way up to a size 4x.  I am a sucker for a neutral dress that can be played up in so many ways and that is what this dress screams. Being that I spend most of my time at work and have a demanding job I wanted to promote the office professional , who like's to take their own style to work.  I work in a Semi Business Casual work environment so I have room to play up my outfits and bring MY  Pizzazz with me  . Also being that I love dresses, I spend a lot of time looking and shopping for  cute- fun work dresses. I am obsessed with how a dress makes me feel and how feminine I feel with them on. 

In my style board , I tried to pick things around my personality. So not only is the dress a reflection of me so is the cute Journal Set and the adorable Coffee Mug I also picked out a Pop of color with the adorable handbag.  I cant wait to share my new Modcloth outfits with you I placed an order last week and I anxiously wait its arrival. 

If you haven't checked out MODCLOTH were have you been?  No seriously they have thousands of beautiful dresses to choose from . I am always on there Plus section checking out the new arrivals. My wishlist is jammed packed .  

Do you have a favorite dress you been eyeballing from MODCLOTH ? 

Make sure to check out the PLUS SIZE Section here CLICK ME !

I hope your week is filled with fun and smiles.




Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weight- Loss Update

Well, since my last post my WLJ (weight-loss journey ) has been gong very well. I have to keep reminding my self it is a lifestyle and not a race to some finish line. I am Down 32 pounds with a lot more to go, but I'm well on my way. It does feel good to  have more energy, look better and fit better into clothing. I have my ups downs and all around but hello that what life is all about. I am more accountable for my behaviors .

I have been wanting to loose weight for a long time now; I just never did anything about it and found every excuse in the book to not pursue it. I really had to deal with matters of the heart and soul before I attempted to start working on the outer part of my self . It really is about working on "Self" if you ignore that part your  in for a disaster. What I mean is you will still look at your self based on how you feel about your self or how you have felt . After the soul searching I needed to find a plain that worked for me. I did not want to feel restricted and I did not want to be on some fad diet.

Starting my journey I researched plains and found WW( Weight Watchers) I studied their system read story's did tons of research .  I began WW January of this year and set small goals for the first 30 days on the plain I  just studied my eating patterns this allowed me to make small changes . Biggest change was to cut out my late night refrigerator eating.  Instead of making a sandwhich at 11 at night I would have a piece of fruit eventually I cut out the fruit and now do not dare to late night snack . I have a snack after dinner before bed but don't wake up anymore and help myself to whatever my heart desire.

I drink tons and I mean tons of water. I hated drinking water before but, to get myself use to consuming large quantity of water a day. My go to product is awesome water enhancers  like crystal light, mio . This makes water drinking easier. I meal prep and do not deprive myself of treats I am a choclate lover and I do like to enjoy a cupcake now and then. Thanks to weekly points that make that happen.  I also have 1 and I mean 1 cheat meal not a cheat day just a meal ..

And for the working out part at this point in my journey I do 3 times a week for 30 minutes.  I have been increasing my gym time by 10 minutes usually my routine is now  20 minutes of the treadmill and about 20 minutes on the bike ...

 I will keep updating as I continue to move Along on  my journey !
Thank you for finding and reading my post. If you are thinking about shedding some weight  I encourage you to do it ! I also encourage you  to stop giving yourself all the reasons why you cant and start thinking of all the reason why you CAN!

 After Photo - Outfit
Torrid Denim Jackets
ASOS ( Newlook)   Floral Dress

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