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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Update and weight loss

Well as the new year has kicked off lots of changes have happen in my life. The best change is to focus on feeling better about my self . Was I happy with my weight I would be lying if I said I was at a complete acceptance because I wasn't. I couldn't stand to lie to myself and make up excuses for how unhappy I felt in my life so with lots of soul searching and getting down to the root of my issues with self; I joined weight watchers . On January 1st I signed up. But way before I joined i had spent about 2- 3 months just researching the plan and studying food and the points system . Well since signing up I am down almost 25 pounds !! YAY me !  As you can see from the above picture  you can see such a improvement in my face . My clothes fit better and I feel better I still have  a long ways to go  however I have a goal of getting down to a size large ! I am well on my way and Have my goal weight Dress in eye sight

Isn't she lovely well  I thinks so ..   she come from the  Simons website  and I have a list going on of all the cute dresses I am saving up for .  You know what the more exciting part about weight loss is that I can explore  stores and websites I was unable to shop at being a size 24. Clothing is much cheaper as well  and  let me tell you ,  I loved dresses as a plus size and I know when i get this weight off dresses will still be my go to staple. I will keep updating my blog with my Weight loss progress ..

I have listed some stuff on Ebay if you want to score some cute Plus size stuff that no longer fits me

head on over to my Ebay store


Again thank you so much for stopping by  I look forward to sharing  my journey with you .

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Its Been awhile

Its been awhile since I've blogged but I'm still here and life has done a 360 in many good ways . I hope to share with you soon. But for now here is a little post of some cute affordable outfits I put together I am very much a dress girl. Why because they are easy and takes little effort to put together . I went back to red hair also :)


Right Forever 21  Dress
Torrid Denim Jacket
Shoes F21 

Left Gstage i went in the store but they do Have online sizing is like F21 
Shoes  Black wedges from (I don't remember) 
Black Blazer Torrid 

Click on the Picture to get a better look 
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Warming up your Maxi Dresses for the Fall

know , I know I haven’t been posting !!! I’ll get back on track, I swear!
Even though fall is just around the corner , im still not ready to part with my maxi dresses. Luckily, it’still easyto warm up , so here are some ideas I have for keeping yourfave maxi dress in the cooler months.
Warming Up Maxi Dresses
I went for a little western vibe with some slouchy cowboy Boots from Zappos and a vintage calvin klein jacket from Etsy . This Etsy shop is great if you love the idea ofthrifting but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet! The sunglasses are from modaoperandi and the bag is from Mulberry (swoon!).

This next option is a little more rock chic – leather jackets and beanies are always a must for chilly fall nights. Thekenzo boots are from . A necessity for windy days (and bad hair days!) is this beanie is from Mango. The dress is called the Runway Maxi and it’s from The pattern on it is kinda loud , so keep going with the monochromatic look with a jacket from a cute handbag. This one is the Classic Q Francesca from Nordstromsuper cold nights aren’t something I need to worry about , but if they’re a problem , no one needs to know if youre wearing some leggings.

Don't forget to stay tune for my next post that will cover my experience with the California smooth keratin treatment   And let me know your thoughts on how your transiting your wardrobe. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New year has really been filled with blessings

It's almost march wow!!!!
Seems like we were just in january . None the less I had to come on and share how great my new year has kicked off ! I'm happy in my job just bought a new car feel like I'm learning more about myself and lots of self improvement as far as personal growth I'm just in a wonderful place. I've join the iPad world which makes blogging a whole lot more fun and convenient . Blogging is my happy place and I let myself disconnect from it. In fact I let myself disconnect from lots of things one of the many things I am working on in my life. Letting the fears go taking out the garbage and replacing it with risk taking and building interpersonal connections. I have some what of a anti social thinking were letting people in my life has been a struggle . I'm hoping to change that :)
Well I just wanted to say a few words and ramble ....


Friday, December 14, 2012

Time to bring out the winter coats !

Winter officially arrives next week the 21st I'm sure for some of you and I know it already seems like it. Here in California you are already feeling the crisp cold weather. I know when I wake up in the early morning to leave for work the bitter coldness pierces my nose with coldness and I can feel my cheeks tingle  its time to get out the cute scarfs and gloves .. Its also time for cute winter jackets ! I have complied a collage of some of my top winter picks based on my own personal style .... I looked at my closet the other day and was not very pleased with the old winter jackets I currently have I think its time to maybe add 1 or 2 to my wardrobe and spice things up this winter and the coats down below are defiantly making the cut now the the real question is which 2 to get  I always have this problem  I wish I had a unlimited back account were I could have my hearts desire .. Oh  I'm sure we all have that wish !  all   ladies jackets from BonmarchĂ© offers such a awesome  selection as you know how much I love shopping from the Uk !!!!!
So What are some of your favorite styles you are looking forward to wearing this winter ???? are you like me and have the worst old coats in the world and need a little style help with your wardrobe maybe this is your first time really shopping for a warm winter jacket online  down below I have added a brief description of each coat I have chosen. I also have included a pictures of one of my classic Pea coats that has been with me for a few years  its my old faithful . 


  The 3/4 Length Faux Wool Ree This ladies' 3/4 length double breasted reefer coat is both stylish and flattering. Fully lined and cut from a beautiful soft touch fabric, this coat has been finished with horn effect buttons and 2 front pockets and also includes a vent at the back hem. Available is Sizes 20- 22 (Black)

The David Emanuel Faux Fur Gilet is a really cute Faux fur vest that can be worn over a long sleeve tunic or a turtle neck and styled in so many ways this sizes comes in a 12 - 22 

 The camel color Long Faux Wool Square Collar Coat is one of my favs and can be styled so many ways  you can defiantly play around  with tons of fun scarfs of many designs and colors this is a must have piece and comes in sizes  12 -24 ! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Torrid Fall Boots

 Hey!! Guys  I just love  Torrids Haute Cash time !  It gives me a chance to shop new arrivals and save lots of $$ I usually wait till stuff goes on clearance  but when sales go on Im on it !!!!!!! I was able to pick up sooo many new goodies . I dont even have room anymore to keep all my clothes but that will never stop me from buying! =] So I wanted to share my OOTD all TORRID !  I feel like such a cow girl !!!!!!

 Black Trip Jeans - Torrid
 Stripe red blouse - Torrid
Iris Cognac Buckle Heel Boots (Wide Width)  - Torrid

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I see through the eyes my sunglasses protray !

As in previous post I have talked about my obsession for Sunglasses, I am the queen of them. As we transition into the fall it’s time for me to find some cool fall shades. Yes I know I have tons to choose from that I already own, but being the shopaholic I am it’s time for a new pair. You see in the summer I was all about my cat eye sunnies, and don’t get me wrong those are my go to favorite, but I'm in the market for something a little more chic and screams fall.

So let’s see I was thinking I have never in my life owned a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and I was looking at some the other day and I really like the Wayfarer style. The Maui Jim sunglasses look just as cool as well! I know they have been out for some time now but I always looked past them. I think they would make a great addition to my collection! What do you think? I mean c’mon, they would look great with some jeans, boots and a scarf - wouldn't you agree. Oh ladies I'm having so much fun playing with my closet and looking into all the possibilities.

As you probably also noticed I have really picked up the pace on my blog!!!! After my 9-5 job I really do enjoy coming home and getting into "Me" time and that includes surfing the web, shopping and putting all my fashion ideas here on this blog of mine. Also, I am more at a nice balance in my life and have a lot of clarity. I would say I'm more dedicated than ever to do what makes me happy. I hope this week is finding you guys in the best of health, and whatever it is you guys are doing out there - make sure to always do your very best! AND DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY ! 
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