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I am the world’s worst blogger.   Being a clinical counselor I’m require to spend most of my day in session and all  I do is document. When I come home and rest and on my day off I don’t want to see the computer screen let alone wright a post. Did my amazing justification pardon my absence? 

 Life has changed so much for me this year so many amazing things have come to pass.  I think the biggest one has me continuing to learn about my weight loss journey. Let’s see since my last post I was    at 208  well I am an amazing 225 . I say this because life happened and so does muscle. I retired weight watchers because all I knew was Points Plus and that isn’t really learning about nutrition as a whole. I went on to My fitness pal i was also at a plateau  and I wanted to switch it up. I focused on   Macros and learning how to maintain my weight I continued to stay active I work out 5 days a week.  I still very much weight lift and bust my ass with Cardio.   Although a learning  process  I can say all my gain wasn’t just muscle, vacations and life happen and I’m really okay with it. I’m still the same size I was in January 12/14   and I weight more.   I’ve also learned  an extremely important lessons. The scale has no power over my emotions unless I give it power. That took a lot of inner self work.  I’m glad I went through the ups and downs of my journey in the last 10 months.  I’ve learned  nutrition, self-love  and body image love because it boils down to how you feel on the inside and what demons you are facing you can get to goal weight but if you are facing issues inwards you will never be satisfied and when you look in the mirror you won’t feel good. I’ve also learned to trust the process you see I left weight watchers just because I wasn’t getting the results fast enough I thought for sure it wasn’t working for me anymore ,  (DUH)  I was gaining muscle  is what was the problem never the less   I had to learn what I had to learn and I’m thankful for it nothing is  every by chance.    

 So moving forward what’s my plan of attack  well  my goal is to lose 35 more pounds  and maintain  my weight  so I have once again started back on weight watchers and I am down 3.5 pound  BOOM !!  

 Here is a picture  of myself  now  J   I will attempt to be a better blogger  I am a great instagramer  lol so go on to the side of this page and click follow 

January Versus  Now October 

January  versus  October 

Talk to ya soon



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Weight Loss update for Janaury 2015

Hey, Guys.


 It’s been a few months since my last weight loss update.  H Well Im here to tell you it’s stronger than ever I have hit losing a total of 68 pounds in 1 year. The holidays where such a struggle actually since November 3rd my birthday weekend to Vegas is where it all started. Did I gain yes I gained 4 pound from November till New Year’s Eve.  I did however take no break at the gym I ate and worked my ass off. I gained from eating all the sweets (To many brownies).

   What where some of the highlights of last year for me.


I have gained so much endurance. I have gained muscle. I discovered my passion for strength training and Weight training. I get an amazing adrenaline when I feel my muscle sore and burn from the workouts. It’s even more amazing to see my muscles form and to feel them.I  workout 4- 5 times a week. I am so dedicated and really have falling in love with the gym. I have tried new machines and workouts that I never thought I would engage in.  I walk in the gym with more confidence than I ever had.No more walking with my head down.  My clothing size is so much easier to shop for and so much cheaper (wohoo) I went from a Size 24 to now a XL which is a size 14 I do fit in some  L depeding on fabric . That is another (Victory)

 The biggest highlight is to wrap my brain around not letting the scale have so much power on how I feel about myself. I had to learn this when I started to build muscle , because muscle weight less than fat and as you started to turn fat into muscle you start to look smaller rather than have that number reflect the scale. That was so true and remains so true in my case. I have noticed me looking smaller but the scale not budging much.
Overall I have really come a long way in my first year. Now it’s on to another great year. This year I will be participating in my first Spartan sprint race in September I am extremely excited about it. I will continue to update you on my journey.
  Here are some pictures, of my progress..

Before and Now 12/31/2014

Begining , Middle    Now


Before  ansd Now 


Before and Now




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Weight loss update 60 pounds Down

My Update,  I now weigh in at 209, I currently am on 32 weight watchers points, My activity(Gym)  has increased to a minimum of  1 hour max  1 hour and a half I have started  to do more weight machines that focus on Legs, Arms ,  I run more than walk on the treadmill and have up my speed to A 6.0 I don’t incline when I run I leave it at a 0 my endurance has really kicked off and I have started to use a Pre-work out that I love by the way.

I feel amazing, and I am extremely addicted to the results. I thought I would never be one of those people that love the gym but I absolutely LOVE IT!    I can’t believe that last year this time I was struggling with self and this year I’m such a different girl. This journey is extremely rewarding I’m not going to lie it can  and will challenge you to no end but if you want it bad enough, you will push through. I  not only I’m gaining my health , I have gained a extreme amount of Discipline, dedication and there is such a power in me I never knew I possessed, You really find out about your character when you push yourself, when you push those beliefs , and when you just keep moving forward  NO  MATTER WHAT !

(Left Side )Heaviest   (Right Side)  Present
60 pounds loss so far.      Once I hit my goal weight or get close my goal is to tone and push myself to get cut, I want those sexy abs, and lean legs I'm going all the way because it just feels right and I want to again challenge my self to be the best  I can be .

I look forward to updating you  and sharing with you ,

Until next time


i smile when i look in the Mirror Im proud of who i am 

Weight Loss Update : Activity

 Right Side 2010 I was at my heaviest  286. Left side is me today. 

So I wanted to update my progress so far.

I currently weight 222.2.  a few things have changed I have started to try out another machine at the gym which now has made me build up more momentum .

My work out routine for right now is

20 treadmill walk 3.4 and jog 5.2  ( Cool Down) 5 minutes

I then go on the elliptical for 15 minutes (Cool Down) 5 minutes

 Bike for 10 minutes

On My leg and arm day I do the above routine but include these to it.
I do legs on of the machines 5 sets of 10 (2-3 Sets)
And I do arms on machine 5 sets of 10(2-3 Sets)

 I am still at working out 3x a week it’s really all I can do now with my busy schedule.

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are the days I workout. On Wednesday is when I  do my leg exercises and my arm exercises.  

 For me this works and as I continue my journey I will embark on new things to-do.

For me personally I think it’s extremely important to get familiar with the machines you use and get comfortable using them especially if the gym is new stopping grounds for you.
I know you can walk in the gym and feel overwhelmed remember take it easy and don't be so hard on yourself. Small baby steps eventually add up to big changes


I am at 34 weight watcher points and again its all portion control I eat tons of veggies and fruit.

 When I go through old photos it brings tears to my eyes, because I felt imprisoned to my body, I had the worst self esteem every. The saying “Your outer  reflect your inner”
For me personally that was such a true sentiment in my life.

 If you have read some of my other WL updates. I have said this from the start. For my journey I really had to deal with my INNER SELF before I even attempted to work on the outer.

 What really helped me? Gods healing power, his strength and a 9 month life coaching class that helped me break free from the mental strongholds in my life.

What I mean about god's healing power, its gods will that you live in victory its his will that you don't live IN  bondage and its his will to restore you. Sometimes our own "will" and the many strongholds (  Faulty Mental beliefs ) keep us from his will, keeps us from our full potential.  That faulty belief system keeps us in our own bondage and in order to come out of it we have to break it.

(This was my Tool , I am not persuading anybody to my beliefs I'm merely sharing with you "MY Journey" and ultimately  you have to do what works for yours.)  

Proverbs 16:3 

Commit your :Works to the lord and he will establish your "plans"

 I will continue to update you as I move along.

Thank you for stopping by. If your struggling and need to talk feel free to email me I would love to reach out to you.

ProbioSlim Probiotics

         Being on a weight loss journey it is very important for me to take my daily supplements. Being in my mid 30s digesting foods, I love and are good for me to eat is challenging at times. I did tons of research about the benefits of a daily probiotic . I was offered a great opportunity to review Proboslim which helps with digestion, promotes strong metabolic boost and the most important it eases bloating & reduced "tummy pooch".

I have been taking this for almost three weeks now and have noticed a slight difference in my "daily bowel habits". A big improvement from before  also   Let me be very clear regular diet and fitness activity  can enhance and activate the wonderful benefits  that  Proboslim offers.

How to take  Probioslim  : Take 1 Tablet with breakfast and one with Lunch. 

My Yummy SoyChorizo/Egg whites breakfast burrito with fat free beans 7(Weight Watchers Points) 

Lunch Salad, W/Fat Free Dressing 1PP and a Grilled Cheese W/ turkey 7
Total Weight Watcher Points for Meal is 8 Points 


  • Easy on Stomach

  • Easy To Swallow

  • Simple To Take

  • Boost immunity

  • Replaces/Replenishes good bacteria in your stomach 


  • Because this pill does have some Caffeine if you are highly sensitive to caffeine you may want to consult with your primary Dr before beginning this supplements


  • Great product that has worked great for me thus far. Mind you I have already lost 42 pound through diet and exercise I was at a plateau for the past 3 weeks and when taking Probioslim, it has helped kick start my metabolism and get me out of that nasty plateau

  • Where can you find ProbioSlim at? your local GNC stores or by stopping by their website you can claim a free 14 day risk free trial>>> HERE <<<<

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Also New weight loss update coming soon 

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I've had this necklace since December of last year and I really have to say that for this necklace being gold plated it has really lived passed my expectations. It hasn't’ tarnished or become dull, like most gold platted items I have previously own. I love it and have my eye on another necklace that I will be purchasing soon.

Pro’s – Good Quality, Fast shipping, variety of choices that do include full gold items. Easy site navigation.  Affordable.

Cons- Unfortunately don’t wear this necklace in the shower or in water, although made of good quality because it is gold plated it may tarnish, keeping it out of water preserves the life of the necklace.
Again thank you Onecklace for a pleasant experience.

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