Matters of the heart

It really has been a struggle for me lately to blog i am really on some kind of crazy roller coaster ride with emotion some really personally i just rather not share. But what i can share is i have been in some kind of weird rut ever since I graduated in June. I'm sure im not the only one who goes through this when it comes to finishing school even though im not all the way done im done with part of it and working on a higer degree but gosh i feel like my life is not going were i want it to go and must admit i do miss my group of friends i spent the last 3 1/2 years with our study groups the support system we all had, some of us stay in contact and some have moved on with there life's. Along with all of that I have found a partner and although our relationship is still fairly new I have been spending a lot of my free time with him our schedules our both hectic so finding time is some times a challenge. I am very happy but I do not feel very accomplished right now and due to the economy I'm not working,and dedicating myself to being once again a full time student. I really i'm tired of sitting at home and want to work in the field I worked so hard to school for. I some times feel as if im losing my sense of self and the direction everything is going. Its been so bad I dont even get on blogger to get inspired by my other fellow bloggers I am in just a BLAH and want to get out of it already,finding the motivation is challenging right now if any of you can relate please leave me your thoughts and what you did to pick your self up. I am usually a go getter and very determine person but even with all those I still fill broken. That is just what has been going on with me these past months and finally I am able to vent and let them out.

Thanks for all the continued support xoxoxo

Also I have listed some things from my closet that Iam no longer going to wear if you want to check them out I will be adding more things soon