Time to bring out the winter coats !

Winter officially arrives next week the 21st I'm sure for some of you and I know it already seems like it. Here in California you are already feeling the crisp cold weather. I know when I wake up in the early morning to leave for work the bitter coldness pierces my nose with coldness and I can feel my cheeks tingle  its time to get out the cute scarfs and gloves .. Its also time for cute winter jackets ! I have complied a collage of some of my top winter picks based on my own personal style .... I looked at my closet the other day and was not very pleased with the old winter jackets I currently have I think its time to maybe add 1 or 2 to my wardrobe and spice things up this winter and the coats down below are defiantly making the cut now the the real question is which 2 to get  I always have this problem  I wish I had a unlimited back account were I could have my hearts desire .. Oh  I'm sure we all have that wish !  all   ladies jackets from Bonmarché offers such a awesome  selection as you know how much I love shopping from the Uk !!!!!
So What are some of your favorite styles you are looking forward to wearing this winter ???? are you like me and have the worst old coats in the world and need a little style help with your wardrobe maybe this is your first time really shopping for a warm winter jacket online  down below I have added a brief description of each coat I have chosen. I also have included a pictures of one of my classic Pea coats that has been with me for a few years  its my old faithful . 


  The 3/4 Length Faux Wool Ree This ladies' 3/4 length double breasted reefer coat is both stylish and flattering. Fully lined and cut from a beautiful soft touch fabric, this coat has been finished with horn effect buttons and 2 front pockets and also includes a vent at the back hem. Available is Sizes 20- 22 (Black)

The David Emanuel Faux Fur Gilet is a really cute Faux fur vest that can be worn over a long sleeve tunic or a turtle neck and styled in so many ways this sizes comes in a 12 - 22 

 The camel color Long Faux Wool Square Collar Coat is one of my favs and can be styled so many ways  you can defiantly play around  with tons of fun scarfs of many designs and colors this is a must have piece and comes in sizes  12 -24 ! 

Torrid Fall Boots

 Hey!! Guys  I just love  Torrids Haute Cash time !  It gives me a chance to shop new arrivals and save lots of $$ I usually wait till stuff goes on clearance  but when sales go on Im on it !!!!!!! I was able to pick up sooo many new goodies . I dont even have room anymore to keep all my clothes but that will never stop me from buying! =] So I wanted to share my OOTD all TORRID !  I feel like such a cow girl !!!!!!

 Black Trip Jeans - Torrid
 Stripe red blouse - Torrid
Iris Cognac Buckle Heel Boots (Wide Width)  - Torrid

Out fit of the night ! With Ksy Plus

My  outfit of the night (Sounds so exotic )  comes from the very talented  Designer over at KSY PLUS I am wearing her  Ballon Dress In Black 3x I have to say she really makes some  amazing stuff and her ability to make the dress  to fit my body ( Our Body's ) is just amazing ! Just some advise make sure you wear a regular bra with no padding or push up if your large breasted, because it will push those guys in and make them kind look awkwardly flat. This is only because of the type of material  (cotton blended polyester).  I had to change bra's for this dress and ended up using a regular cotton Playtex bra from Jcpennys  Im really so pleased with this dress and I do recommend checking out her one of a kind piece she has on her website they are so different and chic .

I added my own twist to the dress by adding a Leopard thin belt from ASOS , chunky gold necklace from F21 and some Steve Madden wedges !

Hope you ladies have a fab weekend !!!!!
xo xo

What are you going to be for Halloween

  I first and foremost want to say I have not dressed up for Halloween in a few year. My Halloween ritual is just go to HHN which is Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood at universal studios. That is I haven't been to a Halloween party  not because I haven't been invited I just haven't went for what ever what reasons but this year hell im going and Im dressing up !!!! and I know some people are on the fence with sexy Halloween costumes but to me its like get over it ! not everything has to be blood and guts its one day were people could be what ever the hell they want !! so who I'm I  TADAAAAAAAAAA  !!!!!!!  This work for Halloween not to mention Oktoberfest !now were is my beer ! ! The nae of the costume is called the  Fetching Fraulein  I got her in a size 3x she fits perfect !

 My cute Costume comes from Plus Size Costume Super Center !

Columbus day sale !

I just love sales but if your shoe addicted like me then this sale is for you !!!! I just absolutely love call it spring shoes  they are a brand made by Aldo I own 2 pairs that I got at Jcpennys  well I just wanted to let you in on their sale !!!!!!!!!!!!  everything is 30% off right now here are some of my Favorite picks !!!!! You cant beat 30% off when their shoes are already affordable !  I got Paid today so I went ahead and picked up these 2 pairs  and saved $$$  so if you wanna save some money and get some cute new shoes for fall  head on over to the  ! SALE CLICK ME !

Beyond the rack goes Plus Size !!

Beyond the Rack LAUNCHES
Flash-sale destination for plus-sized fashions
is now open !!! 
 Beyond the Rack, North America’s fastest growing online retailer announced today that it has launched a new destination accessible through its website called My Curvy Closet - devoted solely to plus size fashions. Members can expect ten new events per week including a selection of sportswear, dresses, denim, outerwear, intimate apparel, shape wear, accessories, and footwear – all up to 80% off

My Curvy Closet will be accessible to all new and existing members of Beyond the Rack.  Membership in the club is always free.
To kick-off this new destination, My Curvy Closet has invited top plus-size fashion expert Marie Denee and America’s Next Top Model’s first plus-size winner, Whitney Thompson to select their favorite looks for the month of October, while sharing their exclusive style recommendations to suit every curvy fashionista.
About Beyond the Rack
Beyond the Rack, North America’s premier online shopping club, offers its members the most sought-after designer brand apparel, accessories, beauty, and home décor products at up to 80% off retail. Ranked by Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide as North America’s fastest-growing e-tailer in 2011, Beyond the Rack sells its products in the context of two-day, first-come, first-served, limited-quantity events. Members can expect up to 15 new events each day. The privately held company has offices in Montreal, New York and Las Vegas with a staff of 360 full-time employees. Beyond the Rack proudly serves 8 million members across North America.

Are you as exited as I am about this  I no I have browsed many online discount clubs with no lick in finding any plus size fashion that's why I have stayed away from them when it comes to looking for discounted designer pieces. I will be by my computer Oct 3rd  to await what the ladies have picked out. I  as a plus size  I am really happy that company's like beyond the rack  has decided to hear the voice of the  "PLUS" community . Will you be shopping my curvy closet ???  

Haven't signed up No problem ! Get $10 credit towards your purchase !!!!




Birth control update !

 Hey guys !,

Well its been 1 month with the IUD copper T and I have to say I like it, so far so good. The only thing I have to say is that, I am not a happy camper about is the cramps I get mind you I never ever had a problem with cramps, now I do and boy oh boy =[ I ran to CVS to pick me up the biggest bottle of Midol. Another thing is the heavy flow I have. I know these things are to be expected  (geez)  I miss the days were I only had a 4 day period and it was not even that heavy this last period was heavy and lasted 6 days reminded me when I was in my teens I had it for 7 days.. oh well you take the good with the bad and I have to say I would much rather have these side effects than the ones I had with the  Nuvi Ring . I have no anxiety and no depression and that in itself is just wonderful. Life seems to be as normal as its gonna get ! and well I feel great about my decision  lets hope my 90 day update is just as good as this 30 day one...

Until next time =]

Fall must haves Wish list !

 I'm falling in love with all the fall fashion I have been seeing every wear I have ti say I am obsessed with the "Peplum " Trend  but it kinda sucks I dont see a lot of it. Never the less I must OWN ! a peplum leather jacket like the one below in the picture my inspiration to hunt one down and fast !!!!!!! I have collaborated a little collage of what is on my wish list and what I am excited to add to my wardrobe for the fall!!!!! drooling that I now I will have to save up my $ to own some of these pieces but I am determine  to gets them. I love the juicy bracelet with the bow just adorable and the Marc Jacobs purse need to come home with me ! sigh  

Marc By Marc Jacobs Shoulder bag.

Alice By Temperley Women's Hazel Studded Navy Blue Cropped Leather Jacket.


Fall into a season of change

It has been quite awhile since I have done a personal update. Lots have changed for me in a short amount of time I know in my last post I had a feeling I was going through some new changes and I have. New job actually 2 jobs  I was hired at one and shortly after offered a better one which I took. Shortly after taking it I was swamped with calls for interviews why does that happen. When you have no job its so hard to get 1 then when your employed the flood gates for other possibility's open up. Never the less I am so happy with the direction my life is heading and all the hard work is starting to pay off. This is defiantly my season for career haven't master the love part yet but who is even stressed about that. I think the only thing I miss about a relationship is having that one person to go to ,the cuddling and the intimacy other than that I am pretty okay with being single.Okay enough of all that blabber ..... FALL is here which mean new fashion and cooler weather how awesome is that. I am officially over summer and glad it gone by by you wont be missed .....  So what I'm I excited for  lets see  CUTE TOPS JEANS PURSES AND CUTE BOOTS......  and this includes  Ugg boots yes I have a love hate relationship with them like  most California girls do !  I hope that this season you too enjoy the changes that Fall equinox brings to your life's. I know I am excited about my own and have prayed for the day that I move into a new path.  What are you excited about this fall ???? whats on your fashion wish list , or what change do want to happen ???

Were my picks come from

Torrid Denim. Sophia Blue Washed Skinny Jeans - Torrid.

The Role Of Internet Shopping

The Role Of Internet Shopping

Internet shopping is fast becoming the new way to buy; regardless of whether you wish to spruce up your home or wardrobe. The World Wide Web is home to a variety of online department stores, many of which boast an array of on-trend attire.

As well as an assortment of the latest trends, online department stores boast the likes of electrical goods, furniture and technology.
Home shopping allows those with hectic lifestyles to shop at a time that is suited to them: gone are the endless queues, the traffic jams and the rush to meet closing times with a calm and pleasant experience left in its stead.


One of the many virtues of online shopping is the fact that it is extremely easy. Simply fill your basket with anything that tickles your fancy and review each and every piece at the checkout before processing payment.

Many online stores boast next day delivery as well as a huge amount of choice. Often things you see in store may not be to your taste or size but online stores house a huge selection meaning there is sure to be something that is perfect for you.


Just as land-based department stores house a variety of customer incentives and attractive sales, so do online boutiques. Some of these incentives come in the shape of ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes: great news for those that wish to invest in something a little special before payday.

Another incentive promised by many home-shopping sites includes free returns. If something doesn’t fit, simply post it back free of charge and reclaim your money.

This is a great option considering that you can’t physically try on your purchased garments until they arrive – although the invention of virtual changing rooms has helped to offer online shoppers a bigger window into what goods will look like once they are brought home.


Another benefit of online shopping is that, thanks to the instantaneous nature of the internet, information is constantly being updated. Those that wish to be informed of new and exciting trends will more than likely have access to a home shopping blog and forum. Such tools will allow the viewer to chat with other individuals and learn of the many new and exciting fashions currently available.

Those who still prefer the physical approach of shopping can always order a catalog from online retailers and browse through glossy pictures to their hearts content before placing their order.

Seasons change

Wow so much has happened  with in the last month.Its like I feel the wave of change in so many ways.. I wont get into many details, but I will say I ended a relationship that just wasn't going anywhere , got a new car well a new used car started school, and I just feel so many good things are yet to come. But why does it feel so weird ..   I cant even put it in to words, I changed my hair color YAY ! no more damn "RED HAIR" that took so much  to keep up ugh . So here is a recent pics on a side note I am really excited to just work on Crystal and do me not worry about a relationship focus on my goals for right now after 1 year of being with some one not that 1 year is a long time but  it  really just drained so much out of me in so many ways ... I actually feel like a monkey has been lifted from my back. OK enough blabbing Happy Labor day !!!!!!!!!

Oh and 2 thumbs ups for this affordable floral dress I got at Ross for only like $12 !!!!!!!

My Life with the Nuva Ring

I can even begin to explain how this birth control has effected my life and, I didn't see all the side effects at once. In fact I seen them all slap me in the face on day and I was in a farther rut and state of depression than I realized.

I started Nuva Ring back in the beginning of September  of 2011. I saw no side effects what so ever I felt fine and life carried on. Life shows up and problems arise like always but I started to notice my reaction to those problems was not how I would normally approach situations. January 2012 I started to notice my moods change I went from hot to cold to up and down. Again I didn't think it could be the birth control just thought I was under stress and it shall pass.. I then started noticing my mood become even worst very high levels of extreme depression were I didn't even want to get out of bed let alone take a shower. I also started noticing  fits of extreme insecurity's horrible thoughts and my mind obsessed over the littlest things. I also became very emotional and cried for no reason. Again I knew something was wrong but didn't think it was the ring. Until one day I woke up feel very anxious I felt like jumping out of my own skin and screaming my heart raced and I felt lots of anxiety every day i would feel like this. I woke the hell up because I knew in my heart that something is very wrong and I was not feeling like myself. I cant even begin to describe that feeling of horrible "dark" depression and anxiety I felt like my body and moods weren't my own if that makes any scenes.  I found my self in a desperate state of fear and found myself sitting in a urgent care clinic seeking some kind of help for this I talked with a pysch about what was going on and he suggested I take the ring off. He also prescribed a very low dose of anti depressant to help stabilize my mood. It has been a little over a month since seeking treatment and taking out the ring and i have felt better in this short time than i have felt the whole time I was on nuva ring.

I was very aware of the side effects before using this type of birth control I researched  everything and I had chosen this one because of the fact it had less hormones in it. But nothing is always like you read and it effects every one differently. All I can say is I am so glad I am off of this birth control . I went on forms to seek out if other women had the same side effects and sure enough I wasn't alone. I am so glad I wasn't the only one. It also took a tole on my relationship with my boyfriend  with my up and down emotions. Grateful he was very supportive and concerned just as much as I was.

I am telling you my story because I dont want anyone else to feel their alone when it comes to things like this also I do not recommend it what so ever.I know every women reacts differently  like I did in the beginning I was fine  but it turned me into a damn monster....

I personally I'm not ready to have any more kids at the present time . I was also looking into the 'Cooper T" that has no hormones in it and after doing research most women prefer it than any other birth control method out there again I no it does increase bleeding and cramps . I have an appointment to talk with my Doctor about this method  so ill keep you posted . I am just so glad I feel like myself again . It sucks being a women sometimes .

I guess the only side effect I did enjoy was the decrease appetite (hahah) but I dint enjoy the nausea  feeling I got after I ate =[

Life feels normal again thank god and I feel normal as well  I will never put myself through that again it was just a big nightmare ..
Thank you for letting me vent about this and if there is anyone suffering from the same symptoms I suggest you take out the ring and see your doctor because this can really lead to some one to  flying off the coo coo's nest. But seriously I do advise you to remove it . I wouldn't want anyone to harm them self in any way because of horrible thought.

Hope you ladys are having an amazing weekend as I am

xoxo Lots of hug

Designer spotlight Marc Jacobs Obsessed !

Summer obsessed with Neon colors.They remind me of when I was young growing up in the 80s my mom used to dress me in the funkiest neon attire. Funky for me at a early age I later started taking a liking to them; and we always see trends coming back so having the splash of neon anything just makes me smile and this Marc Jacobs is to dye for sighs like I have said before a girl can dream right.  I also just feel in love with this cute Marc By Marc Jacobs Henry watch isn't she adorable I must have her I'm saving my $ to own her very soon . Funny story when I was younger my mom used to buy me really expensive watches every 2 years for my birthday back then in the 90s I knew nothing about very high end things like I do today but what was really the " in" thing  back then was 'Guess" watches and I use to score on those watches. Now I'm all grown up and have to flip the bill for my high end thing  (wishes I was still a kid )  My last obsession are these "Cat eye" Marc Jacobs  glasses  I love the vintage era of the 50's and 60's  women looked so refined back then with hats, gloves, and very lady like dresses. I own so many cat eye glasses and I would love to own these Marc. Jacobs ones ,  take a look below of how "Obsessed I am with cat eye glasses I know I could rock the hell out of those Marc Jacobs ones. Wouldn't you agree?

Point Proven (hahah)  so I leave you with some of my summer favorites accessory ! High end style

I am dying to know just what are some of your Favs this summer ????  comment below

All items come from

Great one stop shop for all your designer likes  julesb.co.uk

My Summer obsession "Rompers"

This summer I have discovered the joy of "Rompers" I was so on the fence about them that I never took the chance to take the risk in wearing them until now. I'm officially obsessed with them . They are so comfy and flattering at least for my figure and ads a waist to my non existing one =] They only down fall is don't go out for drinks with one on (laughing) they are kinda a B%#* to take off especially the ones with zippers . I feel like I'm in an adult onesie with out the snaps. So lets break down the outfits shall we.


Asos Curve Playsuit 
Pink Shrug - Mode plus 
Black Wedges- Payless 

Jean Romper - DD's Discount store
Belt- Mode plus 
Sandals - Debs Shop 

Asos Play suit 
 I was so obsessed with the play suit from Asos I waited till it went on sale and snagged it up its so roomy and very flattering with the built in high wasted effect just adorable. $23.00 sale price (Score !) 

DD's romper 

Very cute jean like romper also again very roomy with a stretch cinched up elastic waste, I added a belt to give the outfit some definition. Very affordable only $12 

There you have have it ! 
Hope your summer days are filled with lots of fun and wonderful new memories

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Plus Size lingerie Boutique .com Review

Don't you just love to feel sexy when going to bed ? I know I do but, sometimes buying plus lingerie can be a little pricey. Well not any more no really ! I'm always on the hunt for good deals. I want Quality and affordability that is very important to me when buying anything. Well a few weeks past I was organizing my Pj drawer and realized "Hey I don't own to many sexy things" I guess I never paid to much attention to that area.  I cant even begin to tell you why I don't, maybe in the back of my mind I just never thought I would look good. I know bad thinking .

So after, tossing away old tore up not so fashionable PJ's. I decided it was time to re vamp my sleep wear its literally the only thing "unfashionable about my whole entire wardrobe.
 Omg!!!!! can I tell you while shopping I realized how much I lacked (giggling) and how their is just the cutest stuff out there (sighs)  if I only had an unlimited bank account and money feel from trees. 

 So I narrowed down my choices and went with this cute Leopard Chemise Robe set from 
plussizelingerieboutique.com cute right ? I  think so and hello for $29 you really cant go wrong so lets break it down the pro's and cons'


·        Great Price 
·        very roomy and comfortable 
·        Perfect to wear at night especially with the summer heat 
·        True to Size mines was a 3x I want a little extra room I could have sized down but with online shopping I wanted to really make sure. 
  • Didn't like the adjustable strings in the back wish it didn't have that makes it to complicated. I like to just throw something on and not worry about adjusting anythings. 


Make sure to always know your measurements  and when shopping online be very patient. Don't be afraid to size up if you  think the size guide runs a little small. Always keep an open mind and don't be afraid to send somethings back. 


 My experience was very pleasant so out of 5 stars I give it a 4 reason like in my cons I just ended up disliking the adjustable strings and some times manufacturer add so much string you have to end up cutting some off.   Would I purchase from this site again Absolutely !!!!!

Hows your Pj's looking???  are you a mens boxer wearing and a tank top kinda girl like me !! =]  Do you need some spicing it up also  ! Love to hear about it


Hey guys,
I have been just one busy bee the past month. School has just been keeping me on my toes glad I am now on spring break. I have no real plains but maybe do some spring cleaning my CLOSET being the target ugh just thinking about it is already making me feel over whelmed. Well I have some exciting news my blog was featured on a Plus size empowerment article on CNN.com if you haven't had a chance to read it here is the link. I feel honored to be  along side some other amazing ladies. http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/31/living/fatshion-beauty-bloggers/index.html
Now lets see personal matters, hmmm well life is just what it is. At this point and I am doing pretty good with all that comes my way. I have to remind myself to take things 1 day at a time. I know it's sometimes hard to do especially if your head races like mines tends to do. I find it when i just concentrate on the present my day seems a little more manageable.
Last but not least if you haven't joined in on the Real is Perfect campaign I really suggest you do =] Details are right here.
What is real is perfect? It’s the Skorch Body Acceptance Campaign to empower women with images of real women that are perfect! We are bombarded with artificial images of perfection on a daily basis, but those aren’t real! Real is you and me and the girl next door, and THAT is perfect. Join the campaign and inspire women who can relate to you!

Join the #realisperfect 20,000 strong campaign! Submit your full body photo to realisperfect@skorchmagazine.com. For every photo submitted, you are guaranteed to empower 1 other woman ♥

So with all that mouth full of updates hope you ladies have a great upcoming week and lots of hugs to you all
xoxo Crystal

The beauty of life, is that you don't have to be modernly beautiful to live it. ~C.S. Lewis

Girls Night out Outfit

Ever week me and my best friend have a girls night out, on Thursday nights so this is last Thursdays night outfit I had long forgotten about my Torrid Blazer that I love so much but gets forgotten in my never ending closet..... I love to dance the night away something about the music just takes me to a whole different world.


Lets see what this Thursday night adventure has in store and what I decide to wear =] I have bought so many clothes that Im not even sure (Like I needed to buy any)

Hope you all are having a awesome week. My weeks are starting to look up and I'm starting to feel alive again =]


Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner

I'm so sorry for being a complete Lagger about picking the winner for my giveaway but here she is give a big round of applause for lucky winner

CONGRATS TO If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie)

IN BOX ME the following Info desired size, shipping address, email address, and a contact phone number so I can forward it a long to the company

Thank you all for your suport and many more giveaways to come as I am starting to come out of my shell and coming back to what makes me happy and my blog is one of those happy things <3

Springing into Spring with a GIVEAWAY !

I know spring isn't for another month or so but what better way to get ready for it than with a giveaway! Thanks to the the wonderful people at Shabby Apple they want to give " 1" lucky winner a beautiful dress. why do I love shabby Apple I love their Vintage style of their pieces and today is your day to be able to own one. Did you know that Shabby Apple also carry's plus size yes its true.  They have a section were you can find some exclusive gorgeous pieces. PLUS SIZE SECTION their sizing is WS WM AND WL which you will be able to find out your measurements by way of the size guide. So ready to see the dress that can be yours .....  Introducing the lovely Jitter Bug ! isn't she adorable she comes in a WS and WL so you can choose from those sizing also to lady's who can fit a XL you have that option as well. Here are more  details on the dress JITTER BUG DETAILS . ok so on to the details of how to  enter you must do the following.

 1. Like Shabby Apple on their Facebook page here
2. Tell me how  you will were this dress . I'm dying to know 
3. Also please include that you liked their facebook page as both will count for 2 entry's !
4. You must be a follower of this blog if your not go ahead and use Google connect to follow 

The contest will start as soon as this is posted and will run for about 2 WEEK so ready set go start your entry's but please follow the rules or you will be sadly disqualified. 

xoxo - Crystal 

Weekly Fashion OOTD

I have had so many intentions on posting some outfit post but have really had the blues in regards to my personal life which i will later fill you all  in in another post. Lets just say I'm trying not to let the depression get the best of me .... and tryin to maintain ... So off to the outfits  shall we ...


1st Out Fit
Blazer - Mode Plus
Red Tank- Mode Plus

2nd Out Fit
Black Dress- Forever 21 +
Coat - Mode Plus
Shoes - Shoe dazzel
Lace Nylons- Lane Bryant

3rd Out Fit
Motto Jacket - Tj Max
Top - Torrid ( Retro collection)
Jeans Trip Torrid
shoe - Aldo

A girl must not let a broken heart get in the way of her fashion - Crystal xoxo

Stepping out of the box

I have always been really weird about piercings and stuff  unless from the normal ear piercing . The other day I was sitting in class and saw this chick with this bad ass piercing of course it wasn't anything to out there very simple but it looked so bad ass that i started to think gosh that is something that I would do and it looked so awesome. As I sat in my english class listening  to  the professor lecture, I couldn't stop staring  at that cute ass Cartilage Earring and finally came to the conclusion  that  I was going to step out of my comfort zone and do  it. Go figure I have ink but feel weird about a silly Piercing . I came home and goggled what I wanted omg I found this site that had the most adorable earnings  now the problem is   I cant decide which one to get and just like me I will probably end up getting lost in all the diffrent selections so far I narrowed it down to these 2 =]   You know what you have just got to Love Google.   Best part they have all  kinds of jewelry and girls I love me some jewelry  ! I always like to pass on great sites I come across   so if you are a jewelry addict like me you will love this site also if you love piercing stuff they have it all and then some. Now I will be heading to the Mall this weekend to get my Top Ears Pierced that may not be to enjoyable . I am such a sissy     oh well heres to my ear lobes sore for a couple days !  Hope you guys have a Kick ass weekend
xoxoxoxo Crystal


Retro Nights With City Chic

How I love city chic and their diverse range of style. I bought this dress awhile back, like I have mentioned in other post I have an obsession with buying, so things start finding there way pushed back in my closet and this dress was one of them. I love this dress and of course I styled it to represent a more Retro look. Do you think I pulled it off ?? I think so and forgive  me I forgot what the name of this dress was,and  its not on the site anymore so sorry guys. But they are having an amazing sale right now I know I have stocked up on some cute things for 60% off regular price. I am a bargin shopper and although I love to shop I usally wait till the item I want goes on Cleareance you have to make your money work for you and not blow it on 1 item when you can wait awhile and get a few items for the price you would pay on that 1 . So I hope all f you have a kick ass week and I will see ya soon for many more post to come .