Graduation Update and Outfit with IGIGI

Yes its over with the long dedication I have put into the 3 year Direct Study Psychology Program has came to a bitter sweet end . Now my focus will be working on my bachelors I still have a a couple more years of schooling but the hard part is over at least I think lol . On to my outfit I wore the So Talented Dress in Purple by IGIGI for my graduation over all I'm happy with how it turned out just wish there was a little more stretch in the upper half especially around the arm area it fit but I wish a more stretchy fabric was used. The dress is Beautiful and felt great in it. The Bottom half of the dress was very figure flattering especially when at comes to certain areas of my bottom half  other than that i was very pleased with this dress.  I had an amazing day and now can enjoy a couple weeks off bbefore I start school again and prepare to take my State exam which I'm kinda nervous about ..   Once again thank you all for your continue support  =]

Rocking The Night away with Torrid

Hey Loves This is my Out fit of the night   I was so lucky to pick up this dress on clearance @ TORRID  for the amazing price of $13.00   paired it up with some great accessory's and bam it all came together  I had a crazy but fun night @ a graduation party  last too much fun ....... I slept most of the day away today trying to recuperate o_0 .. 

Beach Nights (FOREVER 21 +)

Hello, Dolls  it has been awhile since my last post blogging and my YouTube channel have been so neglected due to finals work and my life just being crazy,as I have expressed in my previous post. Well I can finally say that the stress is over ! (DOING THE BOOTY SHAKE DANCE )  So now my life consists of just work and that's pretty much it  and mind you I work part time =]   So here I'm postin my outfit for the night which is pretty Casual   and comfortable great for the beach @ night I had a blast I always feel so @ peace when am by the ocean ....................  I will be updating my blog more and cant wait to share my Graduation Pictures with you all !