Trying to feel great even when I dont feel it

I am having one of them days were I feel crappy I have allergies and also experiencing "THE BLUES" yes my emotions have been like a roller coaster,regardless of all that its so easy for my to fall into a depression were all I want to do is sleep let alone try and fix myself up. Well am not letting that happen so as i struggle to find motivation to try to be somewhat descent looking this is what I came up with nothing special just a lazy day outfit , I choose the bright colors so maybe it would rub off on my mood it didn't but never the less I tried am praying for better days which I know will come this funk shall pass in the meantime I will just ride it out xoxoxo Thank god its Friday tomorrow =]

  • Turquoise Tropical Flower-Print Empire-Bust Tank Top (TORRID)
  • White Lace-Front Textured Cardigan (TORRID)
  • Light washed jeans (Ross)

♥Easter OOTD ♥

I Hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection day for those who celebrate. I was lost in my closet and didn't know what to wear ,after about a hour trying different things I just decided to go with this dress I picked up from Jc Pennys. I had a great time today and for the recorder I am on food comma status. on to some details about the dress, I love the style but because I have been losing weight the dress fits a little big which makes me look larger than I would like so I might return it or sell it am not sure I just bought it and wore it for a few hours, I haven't decided but I know I wont be wearing it again kinda sucks If i exchange it I would rock the dress again because I love the style just not the fit.
  • Jean Spring Dress - Jc Pennys
  • Brown Wedges - Shoe Dazzle
  • Flower Necklace - Jc Pennys


Yesterday ,was such a beautiful day here in LA not to hot and not to cold a perfect day for a Maxi dress . I bought this awhile back from Yours Clothing  when they were having a great sale. I was excited to pull it out of my closet and put it to good use. I love the draping on the front of this dress. I spent my day in Hollywood yesterday ate lunch and needed to go by the MAC store to buy some foundation.  I think am obsessed with Maxi Dresses and will be adding more to my wardrobe.

♥ City Chic Weekend Out fit of The day ♥

Since I have been doing some dating and wanted to make that lasting first impression,I thought I would do it with one of my dresses I had gotten from the City Chic sale am so in love with this dress. Well I guess I did because he kept saying how awesome I looked. Which I already new who wouldn't feel awesome in a beautiful dress as this one .
I am wearing
  • Chiffon Spot Bow Dress with Belt (City Chic)

    • Red Bow Shrug ( City Chic)



Yesterday after finding out about the mid season sale @ ASOS  I was drooling over these pieces all though there are so many things I want, these 3 items stood out for me and unfortunately are not on sale and due to me budgeting my spending because it has been out of control =X   I will just add them to my wish list in hopes that maybe they will go on sale sometime in the future. I did pick something up from the sale something I have been wanting but wasn't willing to spend $62 for  but thanks to the sale I only spent $ 34 so below is what I picked up

I am crazy when it comes to shopping am I the only one that goes online window shopping all the time and add things to my cart I have my cart filled with stuff in so many different websites. Its funny when I do have $$$ I will go back to those same shopping carts and  not want everything .  Yeah what can I say I live to shop and shopping lives in me =]

Dating confessions # 2

Insanity with men , maybe because i have been out of the loop with dating am seeing some shit that just does not tickle my fancy lets talk about it shall we, What is up with men and them being so overly sexual like really it does not turn me on when you say you want to get to know me and  some how  you bring up sex in our conversation. Lets talk about Ronnie  dont get me wrong he is a sweet heart but is just a crazy  nympho I like sex  I am  in no way all uptight about it but its like dude i just meet you we have bumped into each other a few times and you just want to bore me with your uncontrollably sexual drive. I'm so over him with a passion  but this knuckle head will not take no for a answer i have expressed how i feel because(I have no problem telling someone whats on my mind) But he still bugs like we will hang up from  talking and he will totally call me back with in 15 minutes of me telling him am going to bed I dont know about this one. We have awesome conversations but its when he starts with the sex talk and ask me to send him a picture of  myself in my BRA ((WTF)) okay so last night I had to break it to this dude and tell him that he is a sweet heart  but am really not feeling it and he stalked me the whole night with phone calls  and voice mails. OKAY RONNIE AM OVER YOU AND ON TO THE NEXT .........But its not just Ronnie its a lot of men am not surprised by it maybe just maybe i have went in with the wrong attitude every time i meet someone am thinking in the back of my head maybe this could be the one and when i find out its not  i really get disappointed .So I have a new outlook am not searching meaning Ill go out on a date if it doesn't work out so be it am not going  to allow myself to get let down by this. I think am learning by trial and lots of error  I have always been the girl with a boyfriend for a long periods of time so this is kinda new for me and a bit awkward but if we dont take risk in life than we dont get anywhere ether !  IAM GLAD I  HAVE A GOOD RADAR FOR DOUCHE BAGS !


I really think this season am so crazy over florals not so much last season maybe because it has taken  me a while to warm up to them and the florals that came out this season are far more feminine than last spring so today was casual Friday @ work  it was a good time for me to wear yet another floral piece which was good because after work  I went with some of my friends to go shoot pool in long beach at a place i have never been to called Yankee Doddle I had so much fun maybe to much it was a great way to start off my weekend  I hope you  guys have a awesome weekend and find some time to yourself  remember its always good to take some time out to pamper yourself even if it means just to take a relaxing walk and collect your thoughts.

All clothing comes from Mode Plus in Monterey Park 
Jeans - $ 18.99
Floral Top- $ 16.99
Navy Blue Shrug - $10.99