Fun in the spring sun with Forever 21 +

Yes I think spring has finally sprung  but wait a minute who turned the oven up today is my day off and will consists of tons of errands since the weather is nice but really hot i thought i would try to dress as light as I could   and this Dress from forever 21 + will help  me with that I really love the print of this  and its really light weight which is perfect for  the weather ! xoxox
Enjoy your day


So I got my Jc Pennys stuff in  and I couldn't wait to wear one of the  tops I really love the way  tops feels on me and how its made  pure awesomeness  so this is what I wore to  work today ! I hope   Jc Pennys can keep it up with bringing in more Trendy stuff !

TOP EAST 5TH - $ 19.99 (JC PENNYS)


I Was excited the other day to get the Jc Pennys Catalog in the mail and to have it all catered to Plus size with there new Curve Appeal it just shows me that department stores like Penny's are stepping up there game and making more trendy clothes for us Plus size women who want to feel awesome in the clothes we wear.  So up above are the few pieces I have picked up from this line ,I love Pennys been a loyal customer for sometime now and u sally they do have cute pieces but then again some of there stuff is geared towards a much more mature  consumer, I cant tell you what joy it brings me to be able to have a more trendy selection  Thumbs up  JCPENNYS

Were is spring ??

It might as well still be winter because that is how i felt yesterday when trying figure what to wear to my best friends Bday bash  it was raining =[ I was all set to wear a cute dress and the weather rained on my parade so  I just thought i would pull out my boots and jeans and keep it simple

What am wearing
  • Torrid source of wisdom jeans
  • Macy's Vegan Fur vest 
  • JcPennys ANA Collection brown V neck sweater 
  • Torrid Boots

Dating confessions # 1

I decided that I would share some of  most intimate  feelings that am having with this whole dating thing . So when I first started dating just a couple months back i meet this guys on my way home from work ,he was with his friends goofing around i was so cranky that i just wanted to get home ,mind you I was on the bus because my car broke down and to find out that he sold his to get a new one, but back to the story they sat next to me and started craking jokes  I couldn't help but laugh bunch of knuckle heads is what i thought to find out  as his friend got off the bus  he started to talk to me  you could totally see the shyness   almost for a minute I  felt like i was back  in high school we exchanged numbers and the rest is history, we talked and text and hung out  when i was with him  he was so shy he told me that i made him nervous  a complete gentlemen he gave me butterflys  like no other man could ever give me it was strange   but , he was not very good about telling me  how he felt , so it was very hard for me to figure this guy out to make a long story short he texted me this morning and told me  that he was leaving to go back to the east coast to live and he just started to pour out his feeling that I was a amazing women and that he didn't want to get too close to me in fear he would fall in love and he knew in the back of his head that he was leaving soon .Why the hell did he have to go there uggggggh my heart dropped to the bottom of my dam gut . I have been dating others guys but Adrian was by far the one that i could totally see myself with and the one i was excited to talk to and now he is leaving , I guess this is the hard part of dating and i must admit that  am kinda bummed out even more so with all that he told me ! So I close  the chapter of ADRIAN  and hope the best for him and sit here with the thought of what could have been.

We sometimes encounter people,
even perfect strangers,
who begin to interest us at first sight,
somehow suddenly, all at once,
before a word has been spoken.

xoxo- Crystal

Lunch Date Outfit

Well today I had a awesome lunch date and this is what I wore  nice cute casual and comfortable which is always such a plus in my lifestyle.  On other note besides the outfit i have started back dating again and I must say that it is going really well now am not dating just 1 guy am trying to keep my options open and enjoy life and not get into anything long term so being able to  date a few guys is playing out well for me and to tell you the truth I like it  this way better. I hope you are all having a awesome weekend and just wanted to say thank you for all the continued support  you guys rock

A night out on the town ( OOTD)

So yesterday  went out for a girl night out we had so much darn fun   The only minor problem is I sprang my ankle (ouch) so I sit her with a black and blue foot =[ Hope it feels better soon because I have a horrid schedule and cant afford to miss work or school .  Now on for the outfit I had this dress in the back of my closet with  tags on it that I totally forgot about it  so I decided to wear it.

Dress - $ 9.99 (Clearance) ModePlus
Shoes Forever 21 $25.00

Bring in Spring With Florals Forever 21+

So today am off to work but who doesn't like to look trendy @ the work place I do (Raising Hand) I love to feel my best all the time ! Today's outfit is from forever 21 +  Featuring one of there Floral tops that I feel in love with and just couldn't wait to wear it ! I hope you guys are as excited with spring as Iam  will you be rocking the floral Trend?

Casual Chic

It has been a minute since I have last blogged and I feel so disconnected to my blog. So much is going on in my life that it leaves little time to actually gather my thoughts and write a post, I have so much to share with you all but that would really have to be left for another time. I wanted to just show a a outfit of the day you can be casual and still look cute at the same time. This out fit was effortless but sometimes less is more i felt comfortable and cute all in one. I hope you all are doing well and am sending lots of blessing your way =]

Ross Jeans - $ 8.99
Red top - Torrid (Clearance)$14.99
Flip Flop's $5.99 (Downtown LA)
Necklace (Gifted by a friend)