"Holiday Blues"

How to overcome the "Holiday Blues"

There are many factors that can cause the depressed, stressed, agitated, fatigued, down and out, dreaded bad feelings that many people experience over the holidays. In order to effectively resolve and overcome the holiday blues, you need to know what they are about for you.  There is no one universal solution, since what is depressing or stressful for one person may not be for someone else, and what works for one may not work for another. 
Pay attention to your specific issues and situation. How and what you pay attention to is important.  The holiday blues are so obvious, people tend to either focus on how bad they are feeling, or put their focus on avoiding the bad feelings. Unfortunately, neither tactic will resolve the issues, and could easily make things worse.  
It is important to realize that the bad feelings are not the real problem. The bad feelings are a symptom of a problem. You are reacting to something that is not right and you haven’t fixed it or resolved it yet. It could be something that has happened or is happening in your world, or something within you, such as your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, or a combination of external and internal factors. Look beyond the bad feelings, pay attention, and let yourself know what you are reacting to. The solution to many of the issues may be obvious once the issues or real problems are identified. Don't overlook possible underlying medical problems, biochemical imbalances, side effects from prescribed medications the side effects from alcohol and other drugs, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  

Some common causes

The holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness, good cheer, joy, fellowship with loved ones and optimistic hopes for the coming new year. During the holiday season, we are bombarded and inundated with reminders of the holidays. The multitude of reminders can be a trigger for several unresolved issues such as:
Past loses.
Unresolved grief.
Anticipating a significant loss.
Contrast between then and now.
Disappointment about now.
Contrast between image of holiday joy and reality of ones life.
Sense of increased isolation and loneliness.
The holiday season is also a busier and more stressful time. We have more things to do, more things to buy, there is more traffic, parking is more difficult, stores are crowded and we wait longer. The extra demands on our time, attention, energy and finances can be very stressful, and for some, the "holiday blues."

Problem solve it.

Don't make yourself helpless and don't accept the role of a victim. There is much you can do to make it better for yourself.
If your holiday blues are a manifestation of the stress from all the extra demands of the holidays, do some things to reduce the demands. Rethink how you view and approach the holidays. Also review your beliefs about what you have to do and the consequences of not doing what you believe you must do. Is it really necessary to buy all those people gifts? Is it really necessary to buy such expensive gifts? What is the purpose and meaning of your giving? Might there be an even more meaningful way of giving that is less demanding on you. Don't forget to keep the overall picture in mind. Making the effort to get a gift or do something nice for one person may be easy, but it gets more difficult and demanding on you as you increase the number of people you give to. Sometimes just deciding what to get or do for someone is difficult and time consuming. What could you do to make it less demanding? Don't just follow your tradition without talking to your family and friends about it. Families and relationships change over time, so make sure current efforts are appropriate for how your family and relationships are now. Brainstorm with your family about it, or ask your friends how they approach it. You might also be able come up with a better plan, such as giving yourself more time by starting your efforts several weeks earlier. 
If your holiday blues are stemming from past losses, take advantage of the holidays to help you complete your mourning and finish your grieving over the loss. You will likely need to feel the sadness and grief, and be intellectually clear with yourself as to what you lost and the magnitude of the loss. If you accept the loss and the feelings that go along with the loss, the intensity of the bad feelings will lessen. In order to complete mourning and finish grieving, one has to find other ways of getting his/her needs met that were met by the person that is gone. It might be difficult and it will require effort, but don't let yourself lose more than necessary. Once you complete your grieving you will be able to experience good feelings when you reminisce. You might have a twinge of sadness at times, but the agonizing pain will be gone.
There are many different kinds of losses that cause grief. There is a loss of loved one, loss of meaning and purpose, loss of health, loss of a body part, loss of important material things, loss of status, as well as past, present and anticipated future loss, to list a few. I can not outline the specifics of how to handle all the different types of loss and the holiday blues, but I can give you three principles that if applied properly will enable you to overcome the holiday blues. The three principles are in the first verse of the Serenity Prayer which reads, "God grant me the serenity to (1) accept the things I can not change, (2) the courage to change the things I can, and (3) the wisdom to know the difference. Learn how to apply these three principles and serenity will replace the holiday blues.
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Deal of the Day

After my hunt for a faux  fur vest I  had found one a month back but me not really wanting to pay the ridicules price for it I waited and am so glad I did because I was browsing Macy's today and just look at what I found on sale for $ 16.99 (YipEeE) You know I must say i love to shop but what makes it tons of fun is when i can get stuff at a really good price =] I picked up two the black one was cheaper than the brown
Black vest - $ 16.99
Brown Vest- $20.00
click here to take a look =]

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Do you take part in The Black Friday Frenzy ???
Great experience. Madness, excitement, all-night shopping, great deals. Something to look forward to about holiday shopping! Find deals in person that you may never have found before. Get together with your family or friends and plan a trip. Save some cash! Find new stores with enticing products, deals, and people.
It can be an awful experience. Waiting in lines, not getting the product that was advertised on sale, the huge crowds, finding a parking space, gas prices, carrying lots of gifts to your car, lugging them around, frustration, and did we already mention long lines? Not finding as great of a deal as you thought you would. Leaving empty handed.

Cyber Monday

How convenient! Most major retail online stores will offer some sort of discount on this day, all from the comfort of your work or home computer. Save on gas, no waiting in lines, have more of a selection of products, save more money, easily find the best deal on a product, get more for your money, find something extremely unique. No parking problems! Find a new favorite seller!

Do you have to physically SEE the product before purchasing to ensure that it is just what you thought it would be? Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


How is your patience? Do you not mind waiting in lines, or would you rather just have it shipped to your home? Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Does it bother you not physically shop for your items? Does the ease of online shopping comfort you? People come from all over the world to participate in Black Friday, while people internationally from their own homes can participate in Cyber Monday. Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 

Do you feel you receive better buys online where you can shop around instantly or would you rather arrive in person and find something others might be missing? Do they offer better deals in person? Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Do you save huge amounts of time by shopping online? Or do you save more time by shopping on Black Friday and getting it all done in one sweep?

 Ok am going to share my thoughts on this. I prefer Cyber Monday why??? Because I love my sleep too much and really don't like to stand in long lines as it is.  I don't like to be pushed or fighting  with hundreds of other people just for  a stupid crappy computer or flat screen.  I love too shop just not in those conditions sorry Black Friday is not for me . Actually I have already started my shopping  in September.. With all the  sales they have online like Veterans day sale and so on....    Am sure I can rake up some good items from the comfort of my own home 
Now if your worry about returns well I try to shop @ stores were I can order online and return in person this happened to me  last year with Hot Topics my son wanted the shirt more baggy so I saved the invoice and he was able to exchange in a local store. Most Online stores allow you to do that.  And if you cant  find what your looking for I just buy a gift card   =) am really interested in hearing what you will be doing this Holiday season as far as shopping is concern

Christmas Fun

LoL I know am suck a dork when it comes too Christmas its just my favorite holiday me and my best friend were in wal greens today and She dared me to put on this hat lol I did and snapped a picture  she snapped it when i was completely laughing and the people passing by couldn't help but smile and giggle which was totally fine with me. Even a little kid said to his mommy look at that lady shes funny =D  By the way Wet nWild pallets are 50% off I stocked up so that was my little adventure today hope you all are having a great night and enjoy your weekend xoxox

Ashley Stewart Finds

So I was doing my usual window shopping but online and I always seem to find stuff I like. I browsed Ashley Stewart  and I found these pieces ..... Am in Heaven omg So they are in my shopping cart ! I absolutely will be purchasing them its been awhile that  I find something that am so in Love with like these pieces. I know am weird and I probably really don't need them I do lots of shopping .. But I want them so bad there adorable =) I wont let them escape lol

My Latest Shoe Haul

I know I have such a love affair with shoes and I have been on this kick with neutral tone shoes..

Operation Christmas Child

Tis the season to make a difference in a child's life. I do this every year !  And it Brings me great joy to be able to make a child smile for the holidays its a simple token but is greatly appreciated from the little hand and smiling faces it touches am no way rich and times are hard but I make sure am able to give back anyway I can to those less fortunate than myself.  You Can get involved too  I posted the link were you can Visit Operation Christmas Child  Am in no way affiliated with this company Its just something I think is fun for the whole family to do get your kids involved include a letter and a picture of your family  the greatest gift is to see a smile on a child's face

One Stop Plus.Com now carries Torrid

Yes its true it was confirmed today through their  Face-book page.For those of you who don't know what One Stop Plus is ,it is a Online Fashion Mall for sizes 12W-44WW and carries all different brand and styles  which makes it convenient because you can always find what your looking for through their site  I added the link so you can check it out http://www.onestopplus.com/ they have awesome sales and have reasonable shipping prices.

What are they thinking??????

So today i was on facebook like I am every day ;) you can say Am a face book addict  no but really i was online just a little while ago and you no on the side they have advertisement  well i saw this plus size site so i click and browse there site omg this place has the most Hideous clothing I have every seen I wouldn't be caught dead in anything they have .... Like really just because we are big girls doesn't mean the clothing has to be frumpy and look like something i would pull out of my grandmas closet so I give this place a bigggg thumbs down in style... Check out some of the screen shots i got from there site .. I mean really who the hell would wear this crap ..  Ugggggggh Like worst inventory every  ......

8 Ways to Make Shoes More Comfortable

 This Article was not written by me ... I read it in women Day and wanted to pass it on too you ')



1.Pain in the Strap

Before you relegate agonizing slingbacks and thong sandals to the category of regrettable purchases, strap these on for size. Available in four colors, these thin strips adhere to the inside of your shoe straps to help prevent painful blisters and ugly red marks caused by slipping straps and excess friction. Strappy Strips, prices start at $3.50; FootPetals.com. Photo: © courtesy of FootPetals.com

2.Cushioned Edge

Putting an extra spring in your step has never been easier. Staying just within the parameter of your shoes, these super-skinny ¾ insoles fit into open-toe shoes and sandals, providing extra cushioning and ensuring your tootsies will feel totally comfy—but your look will remain clean and stylish. Killer Kushionz, prices start at $6.50; FootPetals.com. Photo: © courtesy of FootPetals.com

3.Head over Heels

Shoes that are too big for you or weighted down in the front (think platform pumps) can cause serious heel slippage. Luckily, stick-on heel grips correct a finicky fit by creating a textured layer to hold your foot in place. Heel Grips, $3; BakersShoes.com. Photo: © courtesy of BakersShoes.com

4.Stable Ground

While stiletto heels guarantee gorgeous gams, they often get stuck in soft ground or cracks, both of which can destroy expensive shoes and make for an uneasy walk. To better tread on tricky terrain, attach a clear or black protector to your heel tip that subtly increases its surface area. The tip removes easily for times when you’re on more solid ground. SoleMates High Heeler, $9.95; TheSoleMates.com. Photo: © courtesy of TheSoleMates.com

5.Spot On

It's tough to predict where a shoe will rub you the wrong way. Clear and ultra-slim, these dainty peel-and-stick gel spots offer an invisible protective layer. Just put them in your purse so you can stick one of them right where it hurts whenever you feel pain. Gel Spots, pack of 6, $8; US.Topshop.com. Photo: © courtesy of US.Topshop.com

6.On the Ball

Available in so many cute patterns—tiger and leopard and zebra, oh my!—these flower-shaped ball-of-foot cushions look anything but frumpy. Slip them into the fronts of your shoes to fend off calluses and keep excess bone pressure at bay. Tip Toes, prices start at $6.95; FootPetals.com. Photo: © courtesy of FootPetals.com

7.Toe Pick

A casual flip-flop or chic dress sandal can wreak havoc on the sensitive skin between your toes. These genius gel cushions, which slip discreetly under the ball of your foot and around the thong, keep both the ball of your foot and your toes in place, helping to prevent the slip-and-slide that can cause painful blisters. KIWI Smiling Feet In Between the Toe Gel Cushions, $4.99; ShoeTreeMarketplace.com. Photo: © courtesy of ShoeTreeMarketplace.com

8.Glide Wear

If your shoes are simply too strappy to conceal an insole or grip—or you need an easy on-the-go option to prevent friction sores—try rubbing on some relief. This stick leaves behind a clear, waxy finish that forms an antifriction protective layer. Dr. Scholl's For Her Rub Relief Stick, $6.50; DrugSupplyStore.com. Photo: © courtesy of DrugSupplyStore.com

Happy Birthday too me

Yes that was me as a baby ;) lol   with my San Felipe shirt on my Nana and Papa had a vacation home out there and we use too go all the time until the age of 18 when they sold it because My papa passed away .I look back on my life WOW what a journey . But never the less Iam very greatful  for gods patients with my life.  Sometimes I secretly wish i was a kid again with balloons and candy bag's, clowns and games ... pin the tail on the donkey do you remember that birthday game lol I do . When you get older the meaning of Birthday becomes less fun . I still have fun but  the adult way if you get my drift I just pray for gods favor in my life this upcoming year .... Thats the only wish I have.

Nyx Runway Collection

Love this Collection wow i want them all ;) and Nyx has really good  color payoff am really excited to try these beautiful pallets

Full Figure Fashion Week Recap

What a fabulous event that was I was beyond Inspired .. It was so Awesome too see the plus size community Under one room were every body is there for the same purpose every one was filled with smiles and best part is all the clothes that were show cased  I could fit (YipEeE)  My Best friend Maria went with me and we took a smoke break Yes I know Smoking is bad but whatever blah blah  And we we shared a few minutes speaking with Lane Bryant she had a smoke with us and my friend Maria who is not into you tube or blogging  Just a Fattie like me Had some very Valid question she asked her  I love all the clothes on the run way but Iam one of those plus size girl who have small boobs and most plus size girls I see have big ones so her concern was that the clothes would look different on her but she was re assured that they actually would fit well  with the right bra and Just too let you all in on something Lane Bryant will be coming out with a Plunge Bra kinda like the famous push up bra Victoria secrets has well they will have one for us Curvy Chick  I forgot the name of it but it will be out Soon ;)  I meet some wonder full people there . Also Meet Kim Coles Yes from Living single what a sweet humble lady she was  filled with smiles. Judge Karen was also sitting right across from me. And of course all the Bloggers I didn't get a chance too take pictures with any it was such a busy night But I was able too say Hi too a few Cid and Curves and Chaos really sweet Girl also Tamika from Kurvee another sweet girl;) Am hopping too attend more events and network  Getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new fun people

Holiday Shopping?? Guide for the Perfect Gift

Looking for that Perfect gift for some one this Holiday season but just don't know what the hell they want ;) I know that I do lots of shopping for my self during the whole years that when, the holidays come around I don't know what I want do you or some one you know have that same problem. I get ask all the time what I want and my moods change from one week to the other so shopping for a person like me is kind of hard lol. I guess the best gifts that you cant go wrong with are gift card, Makeup kits, And Pjs . What girl doesn't love too have some cute Pajamas I know I do. And gifts Cards are always a plus weather it be from a store you know the person like's or just a Visa Gift card ,and makeup Kits I love the holiday makeup kits there the cutest thing ever The color work shop has some really great kits. As far as the perfume kits I love those too but am such a picky person when it comes too perfume that I just rather not say that's what I want since this has happen too me before. The perfume sets was lovely but unfortunately my nose and head didn't think so. The thought is what counted and made it more special  So when shopping this years for that person in your life remember that with the 3 things I just listed you cant go wrong with this can apply for the men in your life ((gift card)) Also the tin cans of the 3 pop corn you see @ target that is a great gift too give and place the gift card on top I love those tin cans they have cute pictures on the outside and the pop corn inside is Deliciou. So I hope that  I was able to help you with a couple Ideas for this year ;) Wink Wink 
All pictures were provided By goggle