Time to bring out the winter coats !

Winter officially arrives next week the 21st I'm sure for some of you and I know it already seems like it. Here in California you are already feeling the crisp cold weather. I know when I wake up in the early morning to leave for work the bitter coldness pierces my nose with coldness and I can feel my cheeks tingle  its time to get out the cute scarfs and gloves .. Its also time for cute winter jackets ! I have complied a collage of some of my top winter picks based on my own personal style .... I looked at my closet the other day and was not very pleased with the old winter jackets I currently have I think its time to maybe add 1 or 2 to my wardrobe and spice things up this winter and the coats down below are defiantly making the cut now the the real question is which 2 to get  I always have this problem  I wish I had a unlimited back account were I could have my hearts desire .. Oh  I'm sure we all have that wish !  all   ladies jackets from Bonmarché offers such a awesome  selection as you know how much I love shopping from the Uk !!!!!
So What are some of your favorite styles you are looking forward to wearing this winter ???? are you like me and have the worst old coats in the world and need a little style help with your wardrobe maybe this is your first time really shopping for a warm winter jacket online  down below I have added a brief description of each coat I have chosen. I also have included a pictures of one of my classic Pea coats that has been with me for a few years  its my old faithful . 


  The 3/4 Length Faux Wool Ree This ladies' 3/4 length double breasted reefer coat is both stylish and flattering. Fully lined and cut from a beautiful soft touch fabric, this coat has been finished with horn effect buttons and 2 front pockets and also includes a vent at the back hem. Available is Sizes 20- 22 (Black)

The David Emanuel Faux Fur Gilet is a really cute Faux fur vest that can be worn over a long sleeve tunic or a turtle neck and styled in so many ways this sizes comes in a 12 - 22 

 The camel color Long Faux Wool Square Collar Coat is one of my favs and can be styled so many ways  you can defiantly play around  with tons of fun scarfs of many designs and colors this is a must have piece and comes in sizes  12 -24 !