A Blast From The Past

Before and  After
While at my mothers house I found this Picture and  wow I was 18 years old. To be that young again with out wrinkles and gray hair (not saying i have a lot ) but they sure are popping out ! So here is a before and after Picture . Lords know I thought it was cute to shave my eyebrows off what was I thinking .... xoxo

Christmas Recap

Hey guys,
I had a great Christmas I actually am on vacation so i went to spend a week with my mom and we did have fun together ! Because of my busy schedule am not able to go over there as much as I would like. We had fun baking cup cakes cookies and moms home cooking is always so tasty . We dance ,sung and acted  goofy,  we cried and hugged it was a time for togetherness healing and unity.
I hope you all had a awesome day with your friends and family. Now am waiting for new years to come so i can go dance and have fun =] with my friends, here are a couple pictures I took

                                                             Me and my mom

I have so many new post am working on and am excited to bring in the new year =] My wish for all of you is blessing in all of your life's. And prosperity lots of it you guys rock

My 2010 Year in Pictures

Reinventing Myself

Hey guys  the new year is vastly approaching and i have been doing so much soul searching. Am ready for some changes in my life .. am 32 and sometimes feel old  I know 32 is not old but i guess it goes with all you have endured in life. I partied  like a rock star in my 20s that by the time I hit 26 I was burnt out and  slowed my row  and got my life together.  I guess were am getting at as I notice sometimes I act like am this old ass women , and am not its a mind set not saying am going to go buck wild am just going to loosing up live life and stop being so up tight with things. Am so ready to kick this year to the curb  this hasn't been a good year so much has happen and it has been a emotional roller coaster am still trying to come to terms with my parent's divorce  who were with each other for over 16 years he was my step dad but   in my eyes  he was my dad...... Also coming to terms with the new man in my mothers life  its hard and things changed drastically my grandma took it the hardest she got depressed and had bad anxiety I guess I didn't have my time for myself to feel because I had to be strong for her and everybody else including my mom who needed her daughter and I had to be there on those sleepless nights... I know I got off subject  but its time for change in my life and am excited  for it =]

What are they thinking?? # 2

Can some one explain to me what the hell are they thinking to sell this crap! on a plus size web site???? This looks like something from a skinny chick web site. Unfortunate its not its from a plus size site. Not only can a big girl not wear this crap with out her gut hanging out of the shirt its not one bit flattering.  I personally think if you are going to sell plus size attire please do your home work  on what not to sell =X

Picture from http://www.curvygirlclothing.com

Holiday Swag Winner Posted early

 I had to end this contest early because I wont be home  tomorrow I will be finishing up my Xmas shopping so Using Random.Org I included those who tweeted  and earned extra entry's  My winner is MAYRA    from  http://thickngorgeouz.blogspot.com/congrats Chica  and thanks to all of you who entered 
but I can only choose one winner I will be having random giveaways on this blog  from time to time you never Know when there will be something Fabulous The new year brings lots of Surprises !

Plus Size Body Shapes

The Pear shape
-Smaller on top and wider on the bottom
Ultimate Goal: To create a sense of balance

  • · Wear Boat-neck and off the shoulder tops to balance the wideness of your hips
  • · Wear dark colors on the bottom, taking advantage of its slimming effect
  • · Stay away from side pockets and pleats on pants
  • · Stay away from drawstring pants
  • · Upper body should be the focus, so have fun with tops.
  • · Play with necklaces and earrings because they’ll attract attention up top.
  • · Mid-length or calf-length A line skirt should be a must in your wardrobe
  • · Mix and Match separate for size options!

-Tall and Slender
Ultimate Goal: To create proportions that keep you from looking too lanky.

  • · Longer top is the choice
  • · Column shine in long skirts; the height allows them to look graceful in longer skirts.
  • · Stay away from super short minis.
  • · Beware of pants that have an extremely flared leg, it look visually off balanced for column.
  • · Layer! Layer! Layer! Column can handle the extra coverage; it adds style and dimension to the look.
  • · Shirts with exaggerated collars and exaggerated cuffs are very flattering!
  • · Column can wear large prints.
-Curvaceous with a full bust, small waist, full bottom
Ultimate Goal: Some might accuse hourglass of dressing sexy when they are not even trying and hourglass have the most sought-after body in history. So embrace those curves in a classy manner!

  • · Look for fitted tops that nip at the waist. Avoid full or billowy tops.
  • · A wrap dress is one of the most flattering styles that hourglass can wear. The wrap will highlight the waist and display sexy legs.
  • · Wear low-rise pants with a flared bottom that will minimize hip area and balance hourglass curves.
  • · To avoid looking like a double wide, make sure the top doesn’t stop at a point where the hips are the fullest.
  • · Hourglass’s best styles are fitted tops and dresses with a bias cut with stretchy fabrics
  • · Stretchy fabrics are the best as long as what you wear is not too tight to begin with!
  • · Less is really more when it comes to prints and patterns instead, wear solid colors. 
  APPLE FIGURE -Rounded figure, fuller bust and midsection, heavier arms and shapely lower legs
Ultimate goal: To create lines where none exist

  • · Try a v-neck with an empire waistline
  • · Opt for flowy fabrics like silk, rayon, gauzy cottons that makes the grade.
  • · Wear a stretchy fitted tank underneath to add support and hide any bumps or bulges.
  • · When feeling adventurous, go for a slightly larger pattern on tops and dresses,
    where the colors are low-contrast and the pattern is constant.
  • · Consider narrow vertical stripes, which create a slimming line.
  • · Stay away from cargo pants, pockets on the side, or embellished pants
  • · Don’t wear tapered pants!
  • · Avoid wrap tops and halter dresses!
  • Rectangle
    Shoulder, waist, and hips all the same width
    Ultimate Goal: To create and accentuate a waistline that will give you the appearance of curves.
  • Recommendations:
  • · Wear Belts!
  • · Always go straight for the dresses that gather or tie at the waist
  • · Corset tops are a must; they cinch the middle creating the illusion of a curvier figure.
  • · Don’t wear extremely low-rise pants
  • · Rectangle wants a slightly higher waist, which will give the illusion of the waist.
  • · Drawstring pants are wonderful for rectangle shape!
  • · Choose sleeveless tops to accentuate your gorgeous shoulders
  • · Opt for gauzy, flowing fabrics and soft Ruffles
  • · Asymmetrical hemlines is the best look for you
  • · Fitted tops and jackets, skirts that have a higher waistline are a must
Inverted Triangle
a large bust with narrow hips
Ultimate Goal: To draw attention to the lower body and create illusion of equal proportions.

  • · Always go straight for the vivid colors and prints for the bottom half.
  • · Pleated and tiered skirts add fullness
  • · Minimize bust with a deeper neckline
  • · V-neck and scoop necks that draw attention away from shoulders and bust!
  • · Avoid boat-necks, horizontal straps or any intense pattern dropped waist, a classic flapper style