My Life with the Nuva Ring

I can even begin to explain how this birth control has effected my life and, I didn't see all the side effects at once. In fact I seen them all slap me in the face on day and I was in a farther rut and state of depression than I realized.

I started Nuva Ring back in the beginning of September  of 2011. I saw no side effects what so ever I felt fine and life carried on. Life shows up and problems arise like always but I started to notice my reaction to those problems was not how I would normally approach situations. January 2012 I started to notice my moods change I went from hot to cold to up and down. Again I didn't think it could be the birth control just thought I was under stress and it shall pass.. I then started noticing my mood become even worst very high levels of extreme depression were I didn't even want to get out of bed let alone take a shower. I also started noticing  fits of extreme insecurity's horrible thoughts and my mind obsessed over the littlest things. I also became very emotional and cried for no reason. Again I knew something was wrong but didn't think it was the ring. Until one day I woke up feel very anxious I felt like jumping out of my own skin and screaming my heart raced and I felt lots of anxiety every day i would feel like this. I woke the hell up because I knew in my heart that something is very wrong and I was not feeling like myself. I cant even begin to describe that feeling of horrible "dark" depression and anxiety I felt like my body and moods weren't my own if that makes any scenes.  I found my self in a desperate state of fear and found myself sitting in a urgent care clinic seeking some kind of help for this I talked with a pysch about what was going on and he suggested I take the ring off. He also prescribed a very low dose of anti depressant to help stabilize my mood. It has been a little over a month since seeking treatment and taking out the ring and i have felt better in this short time than i have felt the whole time I was on nuva ring.

I was very aware of the side effects before using this type of birth control I researched  everything and I had chosen this one because of the fact it had less hormones in it. But nothing is always like you read and it effects every one differently. All I can say is I am so glad I am off of this birth control . I went on forms to seek out if other women had the same side effects and sure enough I wasn't alone. I am so glad I wasn't the only one. It also took a tole on my relationship with my boyfriend  with my up and down emotions. Grateful he was very supportive and concerned just as much as I was.

I am telling you my story because I dont want anyone else to feel their alone when it comes to things like this also I do not recommend it what so ever.I know every women reacts differently  like I did in the beginning I was fine  but it turned me into a damn monster....

I personally I'm not ready to have any more kids at the present time . I was also looking into the 'Cooper T" that has no hormones in it and after doing research most women prefer it than any other birth control method out there again I no it does increase bleeding and cramps . I have an appointment to talk with my Doctor about this method  so ill keep you posted . I am just so glad I feel like myself again . It sucks being a women sometimes .

I guess the only side effect I did enjoy was the decrease appetite (hahah) but I dint enjoy the nausea  feeling I got after I ate =[

Life feels normal again thank god and I feel normal as well  I will never put myself through that again it was just a big nightmare ..
Thank you for letting me vent about this and if there is anyone suffering from the same symptoms I suggest you take out the ring and see your doctor because this can really lead to some one to  flying off the coo coo's nest. But seriously I do advise you to remove it . I wouldn't want anyone to harm them self in any way because of horrible thought.

Hope you ladys are having an amazing weekend as I am

xoxo Lots of hug

Designer spotlight Marc Jacobs Obsessed !

Summer obsessed with Neon colors.They remind me of when I was young growing up in the 80s my mom used to dress me in the funkiest neon attire. Funky for me at a early age I later started taking a liking to them; and we always see trends coming back so having the splash of neon anything just makes me smile and this Marc Jacobs is to dye for sighs like I have said before a girl can dream right.  I also just feel in love with this cute Marc By Marc Jacobs Henry watch isn't she adorable I must have her I'm saving my $ to own her very soon . Funny story when I was younger my mom used to buy me really expensive watches every 2 years for my birthday back then in the 90s I knew nothing about very high end things like I do today but what was really the " in" thing  back then was 'Guess" watches and I use to score on those watches. Now I'm all grown up and have to flip the bill for my high end thing  (wishes I was still a kid )  My last obsession are these "Cat eye" Marc Jacobs  glasses  I love the vintage era of the 50's and 60's  women looked so refined back then with hats, gloves, and very lady like dresses. I own so many cat eye glasses and I would love to own these Marc. Jacobs ones ,  take a look below of how "Obsessed I am with cat eye glasses I know I could rock the hell out of those Marc Jacobs ones. Wouldn't you agree?

Point Proven (hahah)  so I leave you with some of my summer favorites accessory ! High end style

I am dying to know just what are some of your Favs this summer ????  comment below

All items come from

Great one stop shop for all your designer likes

My Summer obsession "Rompers"

This summer I have discovered the joy of "Rompers" I was so on the fence about them that I never took the chance to take the risk in wearing them until now. I'm officially obsessed with them . They are so comfy and flattering at least for my figure and ads a waist to my non existing one =] They only down fall is don't go out for drinks with one on (laughing) they are kinda a B%#* to take off especially the ones with zippers . I feel like I'm in an adult onesie with out the snaps. So lets break down the outfits shall we.


Asos Curve Playsuit 
Pink Shrug - Mode plus 
Black Wedges- Payless 

Jean Romper - DD's Discount store
Belt- Mode plus 
Sandals - Debs Shop 

Asos Play suit 
 I was so obsessed with the play suit from Asos I waited till it went on sale and snagged it up its so roomy and very flattering with the built in high wasted effect just adorable. $23.00 sale price (Score !) 

DD's romper 

Very cute jean like romper also again very roomy with a stretch cinched up elastic waste, I added a belt to give the outfit some definition. Very affordable only $12 

There you have have it ! 
Hope your summer days are filled with lots of fun and wonderful new memories

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Plus Size lingerie Boutique .com Review

Don't you just love to feel sexy when going to bed ? I know I do but, sometimes buying plus lingerie can be a little pricey. Well not any more no really ! I'm always on the hunt for good deals. I want Quality and affordability that is very important to me when buying anything. Well a few weeks past I was organizing my Pj drawer and realized "Hey I don't own to many sexy things" I guess I never paid to much attention to that area.  I cant even begin to tell you why I don't, maybe in the back of my mind I just never thought I would look good. I know bad thinking .

So after, tossing away old tore up not so fashionable PJ's. I decided it was time to re vamp my sleep wear its literally the only thing "unfashionable about my whole entire wardrobe.
 Omg!!!!! can I tell you while shopping I realized how much I lacked (giggling) and how their is just the cutest stuff out there (sighs)  if I only had an unlimited bank account and money feel from trees. 

 So I narrowed down my choices and went with this cute Leopard Chemise Robe set from cute right ? I  think so and hello for $29 you really cant go wrong so lets break it down the pro's and cons'


·        Great Price 
·        very roomy and comfortable 
·        Perfect to wear at night especially with the summer heat 
·        True to Size mines was a 3x I want a little extra room I could have sized down but with online shopping I wanted to really make sure. 
  • Didn't like the adjustable strings in the back wish it didn't have that makes it to complicated. I like to just throw something on and not worry about adjusting anythings. 


Make sure to always know your measurements  and when shopping online be very patient. Don't be afraid to size up if you  think the size guide runs a little small. Always keep an open mind and don't be afraid to send somethings back. 


 My experience was very pleasant so out of 5 stars I give it a 4 reason like in my cons I just ended up disliking the adjustable strings and some times manufacturer add so much string you have to end up cutting some off.   Would I purchase from this site again Absolutely !!!!!

Hows your Pj's looking???  are you a mens boxer wearing and a tank top kinda girl like me !! =]  Do you need some spicing it up also  ! Love to hear about it