OK so the other day i went into Layne Bryant and picked me up some of these baby's now let me just start off by saying that I have never worn these before I use to be a size 9 and  through life's struggles i gained weight but  It  was at a time in my life that I needed to ether get my  mental healthy  write ! so putting on weight was not my main concern . we all go through things in life and I have had my share . Now am back feeling good  but i have gained a extreme  amount of weight . I have bought  you know grandma panties that stick ever thing in place but never thought about these . LET me just tell you that I have found my new BFF with these Spanx yes it hides all the unwanted flabb  it smooths your Midriff tummy and your rear!! makes you look slimmer in clothes through your waist line !  so while  my efforts are to get healthy again  in the meantime  i have found my new friend if you have not tried these you dont no what you are missing really !

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