Christmas Recap

Hey guys,
I had a great Christmas I actually am on vacation so i went to spend a week with my mom and we did have fun together ! Because of my busy schedule am not able to go over there as much as I would like. We had fun baking cup cakes cookies and moms home cooking is always so tasty . We dance ,sung and acted  goofy,  we cried and hugged it was a time for togetherness healing and unity.
I hope you all had a awesome day with your friends and family. Now am waiting for new years to come so i can go dance and have fun =] with my friends, here are a couple pictures I took

                                                             Me and my mom

I have so many new post am working on and am excited to bring in the new year =] My wish for all of you is blessing in all of your life's. And prosperity lots of it you guys rock


  1. Love the Pictures hun I can't get over your hair looks soo Fab!! I hope and pray for an exciting and Positive, successful new year for you and your beautiful family
    love ya

  2. I also wish you the best of luck in 2011. Keep up the great blogging...

    Happy New Year!

    Katie for Ouidad

  3. Great photos! Looks like you had a blast! :)

  4. omgosh! ur mom looks liek your sister! lol Love the new hair color!


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