53rd Annual Grammys (Best and Worst Dress)

                                                               WORST DRESS

Sorry this was a no go for me Gamma Funk

Nicki girl you look like the bride of Frankenstein with that hair do

Am not feeling Ricky Martins skin tight paints

I know she is young but  am not a fan of this nameless style

Diddy your paints are too tight homie

Dj David G What a hot mess  boy you look like your homeless
Let me just start off by saying, I love to watch the fashion on the red carpet its my favorite part of any award show. Let me start with my worst dress
                                        BEST DRESS 
Some people on twitter  stated they didn't think Amber dress fit her body I disagree I think she looks Great

Selena Gomez looks all grown up and stunning

I Love Kim K and tonight was no exception I loved  what she is wearing

Jlo another one of my Fav divas looking fierce

Kelly Osborn I want this dress in my size please this is by far my fav

Love Hedi so elegant

saved the best for last this  I love Eva' she is so stunning

(Pictures Courtney of Yahoo.com)

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  1. I watch awards shows strictly for the red carpet too. The rest is usually a yawn (and past my bedtime!)


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