Close call

OK guys so  I bought a domain name but to be honest with you I have no time to figure out the technicality of it  I was almost crying (hahah) when i wasn't able to switch back  to my blog address i sat up for hours and YIPEEEEEEEEEEE I came back to good ol faithful  am attached to this blog I do want to upgrade but in the mean time I will stay were am at ! am having a blog give away real soon so stay tuned


  1. that happened to me when i bought my domain too. i post on the google help site and a guy help me out and made it really easy to follow and i got it to work.

  2. oh girl lol I would have been crying too lmfao. I dont know how to do shit when it comes to technology and crap lmao

  3. i can help u do it, where did you buy the domain from? we can tweet back and forth the how to, i did it with another domain i own. u know where to find me on twitter @uniqueidjayla


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