The ever forgotten OOTDs

Yeah you can say these OOTD  got lost amongst the many pictures I take in my attempt to do more blog post but never get around to it  with good intentions they end up  just sitting there. Well  I decided to just post them nothing really special about these outfits  the very bottom picture is just casual Friday at work as you can see  am wearing forever 21 + and on the Top Picture  because of this weird California weather were I feel like its winter in the middle of may, am bundled up  with  jacket  i never wore from the Avenue   got this on Cyber Monday sale and it has been sitting in my closet so I put it to good use today !  May is getting crazy as the semester is coming to a end and finals are approaching not to mention the stress of graduation for me in June  I will be completing my direct studies   Psychology Program   that is a 3 year program in itself and trying to maintain some kind of sanity at work.... I will be happy when June comes so I can have a whole month off from school until  summer session begins. Yes I will be attending summer session am trying to finish up my math .....  Which is the worst subject for me =X  any way that is my update and ramble so I hope the days continue to find you guys in the best of spirits until next time .....


  1. You look great Crystal, love that pink on you!


  2. cute as always girly! Love your outfits :)


  3. gosh, I love your style! I'm definately following!

  4. You look beautiful! Gotta love the forgotten OOTDs :) Good luck with all of the school stuff and enjoy your break!

  5. I love the pink & red colour combination. It's not one you see often, which is a shame because the colours work so well together.


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