♥Saturday Fun in Hollywood OOTD with FOREVER 21 + ♥

So since I have no car right now which sucks but hey times are hard and I just cant afford to invest in money to fix the one I have let alone think about trying to buy a new one I guess I have no choice but to be okay with it it does limit the ability to go were you want but I do not let that stop me from having fun I just use the subways to get around and go places I have been hanging out in Hollywood a lot lately because its easy for me to get there the subway drops me right off on Hollywood BLVD I refuse to allow myself to get stuck @ home ! I go out a lot with friends but the way gas prices having been soaring to the sky even my friends with cars would rather take the train to get around its cheaper ,fast and you dont have to worry about traffic. I had a fun time yesterday had a great lunch  @ Maui and son bar and grill off of Hollywood and LasPalmas did a little shopping and enjoyed my day trying to get my mind off all the bullshit that has been going on when it comes to matters of the heart =X So enough rambling here is my OOTD Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend and can you believe we are already in MAY were does the time go?

What am wearing



  1. What sizes can you pick up at Forever 21? I have been losing weight and I really want to shop at a real clothing store, not just Walmart and Target but Im afraid to go into a store and look ridiculous bc the sales people will know I cant shop in there :(

  2. @Hyla Well you would have to call your local Forever 21 and see if they carry the forever 21 plus line this dress is in a 2X most stores have that line its 1X -3X

  3. If I had access to a subway I would be gone too. Gas prices are crazy! Anyway, you look so great!!! I just love your outfit :)

  4. You have the most beatifull smile ever! The dress is super cute too!

  5. Very cute I love the floral & military mix!

  6. love that derss on u! dresses compliment you very well girlie!

  7. Hey Girl!

    I'm a new follower of yours, I found you on CID Style File. I love your hair and you have great style. It's cool to meet bloggers that are so close to where I live because you actually know the places they mention. I live in SF but have spent a lot of time in LA, my best friend lives there and my sister used to as well. Anyways, I'm happy I found you and I look forward to more outfit posts.


  8. Looking very cute! I love tha dress! there is a forever 21 opening in vienna this saturday for the first time! I am over excited about it! yay! thanks for the inspiration

    Anita Riot

  9. You are so adorable, I love visiting your blog!!This dress is so cute...i wanted to buy it, but it was sold out...boo-hoo

  10. Your style is so cute and I love your hair!


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