Designer spotlight Marc Jacobs Obsessed !

Summer obsessed with Neon colors.They remind me of when I was young growing up in the 80s my mom used to dress me in the funkiest neon attire. Funky for me at a early age I later started taking a liking to them; and we always see trends coming back so having the splash of neon anything just makes me smile and this Marc Jacobs is to dye for sighs like I have said before a girl can dream right.  I also just feel in love with this cute Marc By Marc Jacobs Henry watch isn't she adorable I must have her I'm saving my $ to own her very soon . Funny story when I was younger my mom used to buy me really expensive watches every 2 years for my birthday back then in the 90s I knew nothing about very high end things like I do today but what was really the " in" thing  back then was 'Guess" watches and I use to score on those watches. Now I'm all grown up and have to flip the bill for my high end thing  (wishes I was still a kid )  My last obsession are these "Cat eye" Marc Jacobs  glasses  I love the vintage era of the 50's and 60's  women looked so refined back then with hats, gloves, and very lady like dresses. I own so many cat eye glasses and I would love to own these Marc. Jacobs ones ,  take a look below of how "Obsessed I am with cat eye glasses I know I could rock the hell out of those Marc Jacobs ones. Wouldn't you agree?

Point Proven (hahah)  so I leave you with some of my summer favorites accessory ! High end style

I am dying to know just what are some of your Favs this summer ????  comment below

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