My Life with the Nuva Ring

I can even begin to explain how this birth control has effected my life and, I didn't see all the side effects at once. In fact I seen them all slap me in the face on day and I was in a farther rut and state of depression than I realized.

I started Nuva Ring back in the beginning of September  of 2011. I saw no side effects what so ever I felt fine and life carried on. Life shows up and problems arise like always but I started to notice my reaction to those problems was not how I would normally approach situations. January 2012 I started to notice my moods change I went from hot to cold to up and down. Again I didn't think it could be the birth control just thought I was under stress and it shall pass.. I then started noticing my mood become even worst very high levels of extreme depression were I didn't even want to get out of bed let alone take a shower. I also started noticing  fits of extreme insecurity's horrible thoughts and my mind obsessed over the littlest things. I also became very emotional and cried for no reason. Again I knew something was wrong but didn't think it was the ring. Until one day I woke up feel very anxious I felt like jumping out of my own skin and screaming my heart raced and I felt lots of anxiety every day i would feel like this. I woke the hell up because I knew in my heart that something is very wrong and I was not feeling like myself. I cant even begin to describe that feeling of horrible "dark" depression and anxiety I felt like my body and moods weren't my own if that makes any scenes.  I found my self in a desperate state of fear and found myself sitting in a urgent care clinic seeking some kind of help for this I talked with a pysch about what was going on and he suggested I take the ring off. He also prescribed a very low dose of anti depressant to help stabilize my mood. It has been a little over a month since seeking treatment and taking out the ring and i have felt better in this short time than i have felt the whole time I was on nuva ring.

I was very aware of the side effects before using this type of birth control I researched  everything and I had chosen this one because of the fact it had less hormones in it. But nothing is always like you read and it effects every one differently. All I can say is I am so glad I am off of this birth control . I went on forms to seek out if other women had the same side effects and sure enough I wasn't alone. I am so glad I wasn't the only one. It also took a tole on my relationship with my boyfriend  with my up and down emotions. Grateful he was very supportive and concerned just as much as I was.

I am telling you my story because I dont want anyone else to feel their alone when it comes to things like this also I do not recommend it what so ever.I know every women reacts differently  like I did in the beginning I was fine  but it turned me into a damn monster....

I personally I'm not ready to have any more kids at the present time . I was also looking into the 'Cooper T" that has no hormones in it and after doing research most women prefer it than any other birth control method out there again I no it does increase bleeding and cramps . I have an appointment to talk with my Doctor about this method  so ill keep you posted . I am just so glad I feel like myself again . It sucks being a women sometimes .

I guess the only side effect I did enjoy was the decrease appetite (hahah) but I dint enjoy the nausea  feeling I got after I ate =[

Life feels normal again thank god and I feel normal as well  I will never put myself through that again it was just a big nightmare ..
Thank you for letting me vent about this and if there is anyone suffering from the same symptoms I suggest you take out the ring and see your doctor because this can really lead to some one to  flying off the coo coo's nest. But seriously I do advise you to remove it . I wouldn't want anyone to harm them self in any way because of horrible thought.

Hope you ladys are having an amazing weekend as I am

xoxo Lots of hug


  1. I was on the ring too. It made me crazy. It just made me want to sleep all the time and I lost all desire and spice for life. My sex drive disappeared. When I did have sex, I couldn't get in the mood, and I bled. It was a horrific experience. I went back on the pill after just a couple of months of the ring. Now I'm not on anything at all and it's great to FINALLY start to feel normal again. <3

  2. Thanks for sharing ladies def something to think about.

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