Birth control update !

 Hey guys !,

Well its been 1 month with the IUD copper T and I have to say I like it, so far so good. The only thing I have to say is that, I am not a happy camper about is the cramps I get mind you I never ever had a problem with cramps, now I do and boy oh boy =[ I ran to CVS to pick me up the biggest bottle of Midol. Another thing is the heavy flow I have. I know these things are to be expected  (geez)  I miss the days were I only had a 4 day period and it was not even that heavy this last period was heavy and lasted 6 days reminded me when I was in my teens I had it for 7 days.. oh well you take the good with the bad and I have to say I would much rather have these side effects than the ones I had with the  Nuvi Ring . I have no anxiety and no depression and that in itself is just wonderful. Life seems to be as normal as its gonna get ! and well I feel great about my decision  lets hope my 90 day update is just as good as this 30 day one...

Until next time =]


  1. Thanks for the update! I am debating on getting the shot or the IUD. One of my friends got hers ripped out by her boyfriend during sex, sooooo....that's kinda terrifying.

  2. This is real good information to know, thank you! I was on the shot when I was 19
    (years ago...all bad) the worst experience of my life. But the last time I was on BC I was on the pill and it was the lowest dosage and that was great for me, no side effects or anything. But I have heard the IUD is pretty good as well. I am glad it is working out for you! Have a good day.


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