Summer Dress Showdown .

My Fav Summer Dresses
Summer has finally arrived. Well it’s been a few weeks, however I think it’s just sinking in and the hot sunny California weather has sure awoken up my spirits. 

So with summer comes the notion of being carefree, alive and dressing to try and stay cool. I know that’s my idea.  My idea of dressing cool is you guessed it, summer dresses and cute sandals. Yes. I love dresses all year round who am I kidding but something about summer and the cute prints makes me extra happy.  

Now if you haven’t gotten your summer essentials ready what are you waiting for?  I know I know shorts and tank tops are easier, but ever girl needs to have a few new summer dresses in her closet.

 I’ve put together a summer mood board from some of my favorite places to shop. Here are some really affordable dresses that have lots of personality. 

Looking for some cute affordable  dress you need to take a look at some of the options that our out there. I took some looks from my favorite places to shop 

Some times going into a store can get overwhelming, that's why I like to browse the sites and create mood boards this helps me narrow down what I am going to buy on my shopping trip or buy online.
What are your go to  summer essentials?? Tell me down below.

Stay tune for my next post  "Battle of the Sunscreens" !


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