On The Hunt For a Faux Fur Vest And I found One ;)

So on my hunt for a Faux Fur Vest I found one @ Romans there fabulous but I cant choose which one I want it If I had the extra money I would buy both but being on the Kool Aid budget am on I Can only choose one ;( booo   And I totally love the way the model is wearing it I would wear it the same way with some leggings and some Boots  now here is the hard part trying too choose which one I want maybe I will wait a couple days go back too the picture and see which one stands out in my mind. I always have too do that because I get carried away with shopping so I wait a couple days and then most likely I can make up my mind. I do this so I don't be over compulsive. That can happen too me with fashion

I was asked about were did I find these @ so follow the link too Roamans


  1. Where did you fine these pics? I love the sweaters!

  2. Hey Donna I found them here http://www.roamans.com/clothing/Faux-Fur-Vest.aspx?PfId=204284&DeptId=9843&ProductTypeId=1&PurchaseType=G&pref=ps


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