Christmas Fun

LoL I know am suck a dork when it comes too Christmas its just my favorite holiday me and my best friend were in wal greens today and She dared me to put on this hat lol I did and snapped a picture  she snapped it when i was completely laughing and the people passing by couldn't help but smile and giggle which was totally fine with me. Even a little kid said to his mommy look at that lady shes funny =D  By the way Wet nWild pallets are 50% off I stocked up so that was my little adventure today hope you all are having a great night and enjoy your weekend xoxox


  1. ; D It's starting to look a lot like christmas...
    too cute.

  2. haha that's too funny! I would have walked around the whole store with it on LOL

  3. Aw! I love the hat! I would totally wear it at a family function for fun!! LOL!! Thanks for reading my blog! I tried following you before, but my computer is crazy. While I was blog surfing I ran right into it!! Enjoying reading your posts!! :D


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