What are they thinking??????

So today i was on facebook like I am every day ;) you can say Am a face book addict  no but really i was online just a little while ago and you no on the side they have advertisement  well i saw this plus size site so i click and browse there site omg this place has the most Hideous clothing I have every seen I wouldn't be caught dead in anything they have .... Like really just because we are big girls doesn't mean the clothing has to be frumpy and look like something i would pull out of my grandmas closet so I give this place a bigggg thumbs down in style... Check out some of the screen shots i got from there site .. I mean really who the hell would wear this crap ..  Ugggggggh Like worst inventory every  ......


  1. For Real, not even the prints are appealing.

  2. You should check out torrid.com. They have some cute stuff. I would not say all of it is age appropriate if you are over 30+ but some things are really great.

  3. lol man they look like potato sacks with ugly prints


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