Holiday Shopping?? Guide for the Perfect Gift

Looking for that Perfect gift for some one this Holiday season but just don't know what the hell they want ;) I know that I do lots of shopping for my self during the whole years that when, the holidays come around I don't know what I want do you or some one you know have that same problem. I get ask all the time what I want and my moods change from one week to the other so shopping for a person like me is kind of hard lol. I guess the best gifts that you cant go wrong with are gift card, Makeup kits, And Pjs . What girl doesn't love too have some cute Pajamas I know I do. And gifts Cards are always a plus weather it be from a store you know the person like's or just a Visa Gift card ,and makeup Kits I love the holiday makeup kits there the cutest thing ever The color work shop has some really great kits. As far as the perfume kits I love those too but am such a picky person when it comes too perfume that I just rather not say that's what I want since this has happen too me before. The perfume sets was lovely but unfortunately my nose and head didn't think so. The thought is what counted and made it more special  So when shopping this years for that person in your life remember that with the 3 things I just listed you cant go wrong with this can apply for the men in your life ((gift card)) Also the tin cans of the 3 pop corn you see @ target that is a great gift too give and place the gift card on top I love those tin cans they have cute pictures on the outside and the pop corn inside is Deliciou. So I hope that  I was able to help you with a couple Ideas for this year ;) Wink Wink 
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  1. This blog saved my Christmas! I got a few gift ideas from this blog. I never thought of giving the gift of gourmet popcorn. I found some really cool tins at the popcorn store in my local mall.


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